Packaging plays a significant role in keeping food safe as it travels through the supply chain. It is crucial that the packaging is suitable for its intended use, especially now as new bio-based and recycled materials and technologies emerge to support sustainability efforts.

The new IFS Packaging Guideline helps food companies to identify potential risks and ensure their packaging is safe. It is a supporting document with the goal of improving the communication and cooperation between IFS certified companies and their packaging suppliers.

In this second updated version of the guideline, you can find a practical approach with:

  1. A explanation of supply chain communication and responsibilities of the parties involved
  2. An overview and update regarding EU legislation and general definitions
  3. A explanation of related IFS Requirements and questions auditors might ask
  4. A step-by-step guidance of the food manufacturer’s compliance work
  5. New sustainability aspects following the European Union’s „Green Deal”
  6. An updated detailed example checklist for the evaluation of the declaration of compliance

We thank our colleagues Irmtraut Rathjens de Suster, Konstantina Papastamopoulou and Cheryl Sullivan for their great and hard work in realising this new guideline version. Our special thanks go to Thomas Gude from SQTS, Switzerland, whose experience, knowledge, and insights have made this guideline possible. We would also like to thank the IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen e.V. and all other contributors for their valuable contributions and additional comments.

Get the new IFS Packaging Guideline. It is currently only available in English.