Welcome to the new IFS Website!
Welcome to the new IFS Website!
Welcome to the new IFS Website!
Welcome to the new IFS Website!
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About IFS

IFS develops globally recognised product quality and safety standards and development programs with the expertise of retailers, manufacturers, certification bodies and other experts. With our help, companies increase the trustworthiness of their products and brands through a practised product and food safety culture.

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Foundation of IFS
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Quality Assurance and Integrity Program

The IFS Integrity Program ensures that our standards are properly implemented.

This is guaranteed by:

  • Integrity on-site checks,
  • Integrity witness audits,
  • and CB office audits.

In case of complaints, it is possible to reach IFS IP via the complaint-form or e-mail.

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Accreditation & Recognition

With the accreditation of the certification bodies working with us and the IFS Standards, we ensure that our work is based on uniform international norms and thus on objectively verifiable quality standards. For us, accreditation means security and trust in our products.

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Sustainability / ESG

Making processes, structures, and business models more sustainable is a constant challenge for many companies. To help especially small and medium-sized companies integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles, IFS offers the ESG Check. With this tool, we support you on your way to a greener and more socially responsible future.

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Product integrity / PIA

Ensure product integrity with IFS. We help you better understand and control risks relating to product integrity and food fraud. With our IFS PIA Assessment, you show your customer that you deliver products to specifications and manage your integrity risks properly.

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IFS News

Discover the new IFS Website!

We are glad to announce that we have completely redesigned our website. It now has a clear, modern, and well-organised look. The intuitive layout and simplified navigation will help you find relevant information within two clicks.

Quickly find information about the IFS Standards and Programs

You can directly go to the standard and program pages from the homepage. Here, you will find a short description of the standard or program, its benefits, relevant downloads, a roadmap to certification, an overview of the support IFS, and specific news.

Get all documents in one place

You will discover a handy new feature on the new website – the IFS Document Hub. It is our central and free library from which you can download all documents relating to our current standards, programs, checks, and other relevant topics. You can refine your search by name, standard, type and language.

Find specific information on designated pages

We have designated areas to provide certification bodies, auditors, consultants and training providers with specific information.

Further languages will follow soon

For now, the new website is in English only. However, the documents, such as standards, programs, doctrines, factsheets, and guidelines, are available in multiple languages. Find them easily in the document hub on the homepage.

After a 4 to 6 weeks testing phase, we will upload the website in French, German, Italian and Spanish. Here, we kindly ask for your patience and understanding. Meanwhile, you may want to use the automatic translation function of your web browser to translate the web pages.

More is yet to come!

We have reached a significant milestone with the launch of the new site. Still, it remains a work in progress. In addition to the translations, which have priority, the website will get new features as we look to expand our services further.

IFS welcomes the lifting of the suspension by GFSI

The suspension of IFS as well as this week’s upholding of the suspension are unfounded and arbitrary.

We provided GFSI with all the necessary information on the case in Italy, underwent an audit with the GFSI benchmark leader on 3 March 2023 and always fulfilled the GFSI benchmarking requirements. We therefore welcome today’s decision of the GFSI Steering Committee to reinstate IFS as a GFSI-recognised CPO.

Nevertheless, IFS has considered the suspension of the benchmark by GFSI as unfounded and arbitrary. It has unsettled many IFS-certified companies and has not contributed to food safety. We have always worked to ensure that their customers continue to recognise IFS Certificates and are grateful for the trust placed in us by our global network.

In the interest of all CPOs, certification bodies, certified companies and other stakeholders, we would like to see GFSI revise its governance rules to ensure that basic democratic principles are respected, procedures are transparent and fair, and rules are adhered to by all participants in the future. We all want to work for the cause of food safety, taking into account the different needs and approaches of all stakeholders.



Statement on the GFSI decision to maintain the suspension of IFS

The suspension of IFS as well as this week’s upholding of the suspension are unfounded and arbitrary.

From the very beginning, the suspension decision was based on false facts. In its suspension decision GFSI claimed that "IFS shared limited information on actions taken by the CB, the manufacturing site and the outcome of the regulatory investigation."

This reasoning is not correct and has been objected by IFS with its appeal. Thus, IFS had sent e-mails on 30 September, 4 October, 6 October, 12 October  and 17 October with information about the case to GFSI. Furthermore, the e-mail from IFS from 17 October 2022, that contained a number of important pieces of information about the case, was not taken into account when deciding about the suspension. In addition, GFSI also incorrectly stated that IFS did not respond to GFSI reminders on 13 October and 24 October 2022.

Although IFS considers the suspension by GFSI to be unlawful and arbitrary and has appealed against it, IFS has already responded to all remedies - both those imposed by the suspension decision and the additional ones imposed on 13 January 2023 and 7 February 2023. were imposed after that the first was met.

Nonetheless, GFSI has maintained the suspension of IFS without giving any reason or explanation to IFS or the public that has been informed by GFSI through its website. By posting the suspension on its website without giving a reason, the GFSI is violating its own regulations.

We deplore this situation and deeply regret the confusion it creates. 

IFS assures that the 23000+ active IFS Certificates will continue to be accepted by European retailers and wholesalers as well as by IFS Partners from retail, wholesale, industry and food service all over the world.

Our 82 approved accredited certification bodies and their 1300+ auditors around the world are operating with no obstacle to ensure business continuity and make sure your audits are undertaken on time and that your certificates are valid and gives your customers trust and confidence in your food safety management systems.

Our priority is to keep the certification programs ongoing and protect the certificates awarded by the IFS Certification Bodies.

We are at your disposal with our entire team to answer all your questions.




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