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IFS Faces - Sybil-Marie Deinhard

Working as an HPC Standard Manager perfectly matches my experience with personal care products and my ambition to strengthen product quality and safety.

Sybil-Marie Deinhard, HPC Standard Manager
IFS is pleased to have Sybil-Marie Deinhard as a team member for almost three years. She started her career with us as Senior Quality Assurance Manager for the IFS Integrity Program. Since this year, she is responsible for our HPC Standard as Standard Manager. In this blog post, Sybil introduces herself.

Empower the consumer

My name is Sybil, and I'm originally from a small town south of Berlin, Germany. Growing up, the first food scandals I remember were acrylamide in potato chips and pesticides in pepper. As a consumer, I always felt unaware and found little in-depth knowledge about food and how it was produced in my environment. This piqued my interest in learning more about the processes and how to prepare food better. Therefore, after graduating from school, I started studying Food Science and Technology in Berlin in 2003. By finishing my master's thesis, I changed my plan to become a food inspector. I preferred to gain more professional experience first instead of doing an additional apprenticeship.

My path to personal care products 

My first job as a trainee in application technology at Air Solution GmbH took me to northern Germany in 2009. After that, I briefly joined the product development of cereal bars at Schwartauer Werke. At the end of 2010, I took the chance and moved to Hamburg to work for Beiersdorf AG. There, I first worked in the research department on new application possibilities for active ingredients before continuing my work in product development for personal care products such as deodorants and sunscreens. It was a great experience to be part of turning lab batches into production-size batches and real products on the shelves for consumers.

Back to Berlin with an IFS Job in the luggage 

In 2019 my family and I decided to move back to Berlin. At that time, I had the great opportunity to introduce myself to Stephan Tromp and Joachim Schulz from IFS Management GmbH. It was my chance to get closer to my original intention of being committed to high-quality, safer products. So, for the last three years, I have been supporting the IFS Integrity Program as a Senior Quality Assurance Manager to ensure the consistency, quality, and credibility of the IFS Certificates by monitoring the performance of the certification bodies and auditors.

Apply my job experience for the IFS HPC Standard

I was pleasantly surprised when I was asked to take over the IFS HPC Standard Management last year. The new position opens many new opportunities for me and is an excellent chance to take my career in the direction I've been aiming for from the beginning. Working as an HPC Standard Manager perfectly matches my experience with personal care products and my ambition to strengthen product quality and safety. What I like most about my job at IFS Management GmbH is that we constantly challenge ourselves as a competent team to find the best solutions together. Only as a team do we manage to maintain the high expectations for our daily business.

In my new position at IFS, I'm looking forward to new experiences, deepening my knowledge, updating processes and constructive discussions.

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