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IFS Faces - João Ricardo Stein

It's rewarding to see how businesses following the IFS Pathway progress.

João Ricardo Stein, IFS Senior Technical Manager

 The Face behind IFS Global Markets and IFS Pathway

My name is João Ricardo Stein; I am a Brazilian citizen based in São Paulo. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agronomic Engineering, I specialised in Quality and Food Safety Management. Working in several positions for food retailers and producers in global supplier management, food safety and quality assurance for 14 years, I have gained a wide range of experience and further developed my professional skills in these fields.

My IFS Journey

I joined the IFS Team in November 2019, but my admiration for IFS started several years before. At that time, I worked with the supplier development and quality assurance of one of the biggest retailers in Brazil. Here, I met Caroline Nowak and Stephan Tromp for the first time. We stayed in touch and, over the years, built an excellent relationship.

When the time had come to set me new challenges, IFS came on my path again. I didn't hesitate as they offered me to join the IFS Team. It marked the start of a new, challenging and rewarding journey in my professional and personal life.

Passion for supporting the progress of businesses and professionals 

As Senior Technical Manager at IFS, I am responsible for managing the IFS Global Markets programs and the IFS Pathway. Additionally, I support the market development in Brazil and Mexico. Here, I give technical support, deliver training, and develop projects with stakeholders. Finally, I am also an oral examiner for the IFS Auditor exams in these countries.
Within the dynamic environment of IFS, I support the development of companies, interact with stakeholders, and contribute to improving quality and product safety in the supply chain. To me, it's rewarding to see the businesses and professionals I work with progress. Also, the opportunity to work with such a diverse and global team at IFS is an enrichment for me every day.

The IFS Pathway

IFS launched its newest tool, the IFS Pathway, in August 2021. It accompanies businesses on their path to building solid processes to ensure product safety and quality. The IFS Pathway provides its users with practical technical resources relating to the IFS Global Markets programs and IFS Standards. Here, you can think of case studies, applicable guidelines, or field reports from experts, for example. With these resources, the companies can expand their skills to progress towards product and process compliance step by step. It will strengthen trust in their products and business relationships and create new business opportunities.

Leading and developing such an important project was a massive challenge for me. My colleagues at IFS and the IFS Pathway Partners have actively supported this project. I am very grateful for all the time and resources they have invested in it. Without their engagement, we wouldn't have received this outstanding result.

It is fulfilling to work on the continuous development of this unique IFS Tool. I look forward to bringing more partners and stakeholders on board. I can only encourage food and product safety professionals to find out what the IFS Pathway offers. Let's join forces to deliver trusted products.

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