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IFS Faces - Caroline Nowak

To me, IFS is more than its standards, programmes and tools; it represents my homeland.

Caroline Nowak, Representative Brazil

The IFS Face in Brazil

My name is Caroline Nowak, and I was born and raised in Berlin, Germany. I have been living in Brazil for 13 years now. I have known IFS since 2003 and have already worked here as a student in Berlin. So, to me, IFS has become much more than an organisation that develops standards, development programmes and supportive tools over the years. It represents my homeland.

Representing IFS in Brazil 

After moving to Brazil in 2008, IFS got in touch with me to ask if I was interested in helping them to develop this market. To me, this was a unique opportunity that I gladly accepted. Now I am the IFS Representative in this exciting country and responsible for communicating and promoting IFS, building alliances and networks, managing different projects, organising training and auditor examination sessions. I like the variety of my tasks and the many exciting contacts I have built up over the last few years.

It is my ambition to disseminate the IFS Standards, Programmes, and Tools. IFS has an excellent reputation in Brazil, and I want to develop it further and expand our business.

IFS Focus Days Brazil 

Besides the IFS Tech Talks that I have introduced this year, one of the annual highlights in my job is the IFS Focus Days. At this unique event, the Brazilian food safety community gathers to exchange information on current developments regarding food safety and IFS. Unfortunately, like last year, the 2021 IFS Focus Days must take place online. I would have liked to see my contacts in person once again, but I am confident that the virtual event also offers excellent added value for the participants. So, if you are located in Brazil, please join the IFS Focus Days on 29 and 30 September. I am looking forward to seeing you there.

IFS Focus Days Brazil

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