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IFS Progress: The Journey to a New Brand Identity

We have recently introduced IFS Progress as the new name for our development programs. In this blog article, João Stein, Head of Development Programs at IFS, shares insights into the rebranding process.  

Why the rebranding?

IFS introduced its first development program for food suppliers, IFS Global Markets Food, in 2014 to help them gradually develop robust food safety and quality management. In the following years, we also established such programs for suppliers of logistics services, household and personal care products and packaging materials. 

The number of assessments is still increasing, and it's safe to say that the IFS Global Markets Programs have been quite successful. After a decade, however, it was time to consider a new name that better highlights the objectives of the development programs. Our goal is to encourage companies to use our programs to continuously develop and improve their products and processes, ultimately leading to achieving IFS Certification. Additionally, we want the new name to motivate more regional and national suppliers to join our programs.

Why IFS Progress?

With IFS Progress, we have found a brand name that fits our continuous improvement approach. The name stands for progressing within the current level, from level to level and towards IFS Certification.

The standard management and marketing team at IFS came up with several proposals for a new brand name. We discussed them and finally decided to propose IFS Progress to our stakeholders. Their reactions were very positive and appreciative. They, too, have understood that the programmes have been further developing and growing for ten years and that the name should fit the current approach and intent of the programs.

What needed to be done at IFS?

After deciding to rebrand, preparations at IFS started. We started informing all stakeholders, creating new logos, and updating all relevant technical and marketing documents, training materials, website, database, and IT Tools. I was in regular contact with many colleagues, especially from the standard management, marketing and communication, translations and typesetting, IT, and certification body management departments.

It was a massive team effort, and it was great to see the different departments working so closely hand in hand. I am thankful for their support and commitment to putting every detail together for this newly turned page of our development programs.

What is your motivation for working on these programs?

To answer this question, I would like to share a quote from Benjamin Franklin that is relevant to my work at IFS:

"Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning."

Our development programs have proven to be an efficient tool for helping suppliers establish and improve processes to manage product safety and quality while complying with legal and customer requirements. These programs also provide suppliers with a clear pathway to IFS Certification.

In keeping with Franklin's quote, I am committed to contributing to the continued improvement of the IFS Progress Programs, in line with market expectations. I want to support auditors, assessors, suppliers, and other stakeholders in working with these programs to achieve their goals.

Let's work together for safe food, products and services!

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