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IFS Faces - Daniela Poblete

Working with and learning from the IFS Partners within our global network and the IFS Colleagues inspires me every day.

Daniela Poblete, IFS LATAM Director

The IFS Face behind IFS PACsecure and IFS LATAM

My name is Daniela Poblete; I am a Chilean citizen based in Santiago. I am a Food Industry Engineer, Civil Industrial Engineer with a B.S. in Engineering Sciences and Business Coach.

Before entering IFS, I worked for retailers and the industry as a consultant, trainer, auditor, and quality manager in quality and product safety management. The diverse type of business and positions I worked in and experiencing different realities were an incredible way to learn and grow. It encouraged me to focus on where I wanted to continue developing my career.

How I became a member of the IFS Team 

Nine years ago, while working for a winery company, Stephan Tromp presented with the Global Market Program and IFS tools. Even when I knew the standard from my previous work as a consultant, I was delighted with the benefits and tools IFS offered and how the IFS Team worked. In 2014, working as a freelancer, I participated in LATAM retailers' supplier assessment and development schemes based on the IFS Global Markets programs. I worked very closely with the IFS Team for these projects, and we got to know each other very well.

In 2015, IFS invited me to become part of the IFS Team as an IFS Integrity Program Auditor, while I also continued to work as a freelancer for IFS on projects in Latin America. In 2017 I assumed the position of IFS PACsecure Standard Manager, and the same year I also took the responsibility as IFS LATAM Director.

What am I doing at IFS? 

As IFS LATAM Director, I develop the market by executing projects with stakeholders and incorporating new business partners; delivering training for IFS Auditors and IFS Assessors; performing marketing and commercial management activities and supporting our stakeholders in commercial and technical topics related to IFS.

In my capacity as IFS PACsecure Standard Manager, I am responsible for the IFS PACsecure Standard review process, developing and launching the IFS Global Markets PACsecure program. Creating technical and commercial content for different stakeholders and supporting our stakeholders in commercial and technical topics related to IFS is another exciting part of this job.

  What do I like most working for IFS?

There are three main reasons why I love to work for IFS:

  1. I find it inspiring to have the chance to work with the various partners within the global IFS Network.
  2. I learn a lot from the exchange of knowledge and experiences.I enjoy working under leadership that promotes creativity, provides relevant resources, encourages improvement, is target-oriented, and takes care of the individual needs of its team members.
  3. I work with fantastic colleagues across the world. We all want to continuously improve the IFS Standards, Programs and Tools and ourselves every day.

And I must add that I found some wonderful friends at IFS over the years, so it now feels like a second family.

What is going to come in 2022? 

We started the year enabling the certification process for IFS PACsecure version 2; therefore, packaging companies can apply to be certified in IFS PACsecure version 2 from the 3rd of January. We will have several activities during the year focused on promoting the IFS PACsecure Standard, the IFS Global Markets Program, and the IFS Tools that support the companies in the implementation process.

In the LATAM countries, we are working with our IFS Pathway Partners and IFS Consultants on a new project to support knowledge and awareness. We are excited and grateful for the excellent cooperation with our partners on this project. We will tell you more in the following weeks via LinkedIn, so to stay updated, follow us and share our page with your colleagues!

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