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No more clipboards – IFS App simplifies your internal audit

It is the year 2018 and the digital age is widespread in all areas of life. Meanwhile, quality managers still perform their internal audits with pen, clipboard and camera? Not with IFS. IFS wants to contribute to an easy daily procedure – and forward digitalization. That's why the app "IFS Audit Manager" was developed.

The app IFS Audit Manager pushes forward digitalization – and contributes to an easy daily procedure in your business.

With the app, you can take photos from findings and send them to collegues or to your own mail adress. In addition, IFS users have the possibility to link the tasks and findings to the relevant requirements with just one touch, so photos and evaluations can be stored directly along with individual up-to-date requirements. To improve continuously, the app provides you with a corrective action tool.

The app runs on smartphones and tablets and provides, next to the included IFS checklist, various means of support during the audit. A compact collection of auditor questions, a glossary, guidelines and additional references on your device will help you as an internal auditor to perform audits. 

Yes, it is true: It is in the best interest of the IFS that companies are well prepared for the IFS auditor to come – and the app helps with that.

The features of the IFS Audit Manager App 

Functions and benefits:

  • ​create new audits with the actual IFS checklist
  • get helpful extra information related to IFS requirements
  • find all IFS documents in one application on the smartphone
  • export your audit report directly in an Excel or CSV file. No more need to copy your handwritten notes
  • never miss an update in IFS by carefully selected push notifications
  • take notes whenever you find an IFS relevant issue in your company and connect it later to the related requirement in your internal audit

Additional features:

In addition to the basic functions, users of the Pro version also have the possibility to:
  • create a personal audit schedule
  • take pictures and connect them with relevant requirements
  • add corrective actions to follow up on your audits
  • add customer specifications
  • export the audit report into an IFS auditXpressX file

  • access and use the audit information on all your mobile devices
  • share the information with colleagues and consultants

Download the IFS app on to your smartphone or tablet  today and see for yourself! The basic version is free. 
We would be glad if you tried our app!

Additional features: the app offers, next to the basic version, a Pro and a Cloud version

Available here

The apps can now be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play, together with the recently released Pro and Cloud versions of the IFS Audit Manager mobile application.

So what is next?

The app will be continuously improved. In the focus of the next rework is the possibility to send notes with pictures directly via mail to colleagues. Afterwards, it will be possible to connect these notes to a requirement and / or generate a new task from them. Be curious about more planned features and versions.

If you want to have a detailled insight, have a look at the brochure. 

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