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First IFS Global Markets Food assessment in Poland

IFS Global Markets Food is an assessment that supports small and/or developing companies in establishing a resilient Product Safety management system. By following the "global markets" path, small companies can also make the first steps towards the implementation of the requirements of the IFS Food Standard. 

Batus Polska Sp. zo. o. decided to follow this path and became the first company in Poland to have passed the IFS Global Markets Food assessment. Batus Polska is a micro company that specializes in manufacturing high quality fruits-based products and ingredients such as fruit jelly, candied fruit, fruit fillings and marmalade. These are mainly used in confectionery, bakery, ice creams and gastronomy.

Reasons for choosing the IFS Global Markets Food Program 

 We wanted to know why the company chose the IFS Global Markets Food Program. One of our colleagues in Poland, Beata Studzinska-Marciniak, spoke with Hanna Kostyła, President of the Board, as well as with Lidia Ostapczuk from the certification body DEKRA Certification GmbH (DC).

1) Why did you decide to implement the Global Market Food Program?

BP: Our biggest client asked us to become certified so we started to find out more about it. We found that certification to the IFS Food Standard responded best to the demands of our clients who are expecting us to deliver safe products of consistently good quality. We also work with logistics service providers and with IFS we have the possibility to cover these parts of the supply chain too. However, being a micro company that has just started to operate in Poland a few years ago, we realized that we do not yet have the resources to fulfil all the IFS Food Standard requirements. That's why we turned to DEKRA for advice about a recognized scheme that is more suitable for our company and our capabilities but still confirms the quality and safety of our products.

DC: Batus Polska Sp. zo. o. turned to us for advice. The company was looking for a recognized food certification scheme. They were aware that due to their small number of employees, they would not be able to create and maintain all the documentation requirements of a GFSI recognized Standard. That's why we proposed an innovative solution: the IFS Global Markets Food that is also accepted in the Polish market. With the Global Markets assessment, our client is now able to both fulfil the retailer's requirements and to ensure product safety.
We think that smaller companies especially should opt for a system that supports their development organically and continuous improvement when it comes to choosing a certification scheme. The IFS Global Markets Food Program is the perfect solution for that. It allows rational implementation of the requirements and through its "step by step" format, it can finally lead to full IFS Food certification.

2) How did you achieve it?

BP: We decided to implement the IFS Global Market Food requirements by ourselves. We didn't start from scratch as we already had a robust HACCP concept in place and gathered a lot of experience from second party audits. We had already built up a very good and competent team. Each member of the team fully understands and realizes the importance of having a resilient Food Safety system. By means of this system, we can convince our customers of the quality of our products, show that we comply with food regulation and also ensure that ultimately customers are buying safe products. This is the key to our success as a food producing company, now and in the future.

3) What benefits do you expect from the positive IFS Global Markets Assessment?

BP: We are convinced that the IFS Global Markets Food Program has tangible benefits for our company. It will both strengthen our position in the market and reduce our real costs, because we are taking regular, preventive measures.
Our clients, who are private label manufacturers, confirm that working with IFS schemes facilitates the co-operation with retailers. It helps to builds up positive business relations with them and increases their confidence in their suppliers and products. This is demonstrated by a decrease in the number of client audits. The previous point also played an important role in our decision to implement the IFS Global Markets Food requirements.
We strongly believe that by presenting the IFS Global Markets Food confirmation letter to our clients, the trust in our company in the Polish market will increase, although we are a micro company. We also are convinced that it will open doors to new clients in future, so that we can increase our production and be able to better utilize the machines ( e.g. packing machine) that we bought recently.

Finally, by being on this level of product safety ourselves, we want to convince our raw materials suppliers to also enhance their food safety and quality management processes, so that our entire supply chain will also become more resilient.

More information about IFS Global Markets Food 

IFS would like to thank Hanna Kostyła of Batus Polska Sp. zo. o. (BP), as well as Lidia Ostapczuk of DEKRA for sharing these insights. If you recognise the story of your company in this article, maybe you should also think about following the IFS Global Markets path. You can find more information about it here.

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