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IFS Food Certification provides basis of stability and trust

Jean-Charles Gander, Head of Quality Management Migros Group explains why he trusts IFS in these uncertain times, and what the strength of IFS Food version 7 is.

"The certainties we could have had a few months ago and the reliable forecasts on the evolution of markets and consumer expectations are now history. The world is changing extremely fast, and uncertainties are legion. That is why our responsibility to provide our customers with high-quality and safe food is all the more important.

Certification according to IFS Food provides that basis of stability and trust that is absolutely necessary when everything changes. A certification is not an absolute guarantee that the food is completely safe, but is an important basis for everyone to be able to define the measures to be taken, depending on the context and their own risk analysis. The keyword is and will remain "risk analysis", taking into account the environment (ecosystem) in order to adapt its level of control. Every company is confronted with variable external influences depending on the context and everyone will be well advised to take this into account in their supply chain management.

The evolution initiated by IFS with the release of version 7 certainly allows us to take further steps in the right direction. Always taking into account the changing requirements and balancing the possibility of implementing them: resolving this challenge is the key to the success and credibility of the standards, and of IFS in particular.

The approach used is the right one, a broad consultation of the different stakeholders and taking their opinions into account. This reminds me of Switzerland, where no sensible decision is taken without broad consultation and majority support. I find this approach in the ITC way of working and I can look forward to the future of IFS with confidence."

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