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While food processors and retailers understand the necessity to practice food safety in their operations, few have demanded that their packaging suppliers exercise the same due diligence. Today, with more and more emphasis on product safety, transparency, and traceability throughout the entire supply chain, companies are recognizing the need to include packaging.
Packaging materials are an essential 'ingredient' for food processors and because primary packaging comes in direct contact, it must be free from contaminates. It is critical that the materials, adhesives, inks and other components of the packaging be safe for food contact. In addition, the material must be produced, handled, and stored with food safety in mind. Secondary material suppliers also need to exercise safe practices to ensure correct labeling and that materials arrive free from contaminates.

Developed by industry for industry

Fortunately, the IFS PACsecure Standard gives packaging suppliers a path to achieve excellence in the areas of product safety, traceability, and quality management. As well, the Standard specifies that packaging must meet customers' specifications and legal requirements.
The IFS PACsecure Standard was developed specifically by industry for industry to identify hazards associated with packaging manufacturing processes. This makes it unique in that, while it addresses the safety requirements for food products, the Standard was specifically created for packaging and not as an addendum to an existing food standard.
Packaging companies with IFS PACsecure certification report that meeting the requirements has increased their due diligence and operational effectiveness. In addition, continuous improvement has become part of the culture of their organizations.

Risk-Based Approach

The IFS recognize that packaging companies require a non-prescriptive method to determine the risks within their unique operations. The risk-based approach is ideal because there are numerous and various processes involved in the manufacture of packaging. This approach allows the flexibility of determining the level of risk as well as the method to reduce or eliminate the risk.
The Standard covers 6 primary areas of the business:

  • Senior Management Responsibility
  • Quality Management System
  • Resource Management
  • Planning and Production Process
  • Measurements and Analysis
  • Defense and Security

All of these areas are essential and assessed to ensure packaging is produced according to legal requirements and are safe for food products.

GFSI Recognized

IFS PACsecure is recognized under the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) which means that it meets the rigorous food safety requirements for food processers and retailers worldwide.

Industry Auditors

IFS auditors are assessed and trained to ensure they possess the necessary education and experience within the scope of the area they are auditing. This IFS requirement ensures that the auditors are familiar with packaging processes and understand the level of risks encountered. Their extensive knowledge and experience shared during the audit is of additional benefit to the certifying company.

Get Certified

IFS PACsecure is the ideal standard of choice for companies in the packaging industry. Join the growing number of packaging suppliers working towards IFS PACsecure certification and take your company to the next level.
For more information about the IFS PACsecure Standard, visit ifs-packaging.com

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