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Introducing IFS Global Markets - HPC

If you work for a small or medium sized company producing household and personal care products and you're interested in establishing a reliable quality management system, then you should learn more about our IFS Global Markets - HPC Program. You may also be interested in attending our webinar on this subject.
Many people know IFS as a food standard for product safety and quality. It is more than that though. After starting with the IFS Food Standard in 2003 the company has expanded its portfolio. Nowadays IFS covers six Standards and three Development Programs along the whole supply chain, from food and non-food producers, to service providers and brokers.
Should you think, that only big companies have the resources to implement IFS Standards then you might be interested to learn that IFS has Global Markets Programs that offer small and less developed companies an easy way into developing a reliable and comprehensive quality management system. IFS has Global Markets Programs for Food, Logistics and Household and Personal Care (HPC) in its portfolio. IFS Global Markets - HPC is the youngest member in our family of Programs. 

The IFS Global Markets program comprises two different entry levels: basic and intermediate, representing 55 percent of the requirements in the IFS HPC Standard. By this, companies are guided stepwise to a full IFS HPC Audit, respecting the company's capacities. The aim is to assist them in the implementation of effective product safety processes and a comprehensive quality management system. 

A lot of HPC producers are small and medium-sized companies and in some cases, they lack of a fully implemented quality management system. Also human resources in these companies may often be tight. At the same time, they have to meet rising quality and safety demands from their customers, mostly retailers, due to several scandals that occurred in the HPC sector in the last years. This leads to more retailers requesting certifications against IFS.
Small HPC companies implementing the IFS Global Markets - HPC Program kill two birds with one stone: they react to the retailers' demand for a reliable quality management system and safe products and at the same time use their chance of the stepwise implementation to grow towards a full certification against IFS HPC. This decision ensures that they do not overload their human resources and financial capacities whereas they immediately increase the reliability of their processes.

The IFS Global Markets - HPC Program has even more to offer to companies implementing it. While being guided to the implementation of a quality management system, they benefit from the many advantages IFS provides:
  • Trade partners worldwide recognize IFS certified companies 
  • Visibility in the IFS Database
  • More efficient processes: reduction of losses and recalls, reduction of legal issues
  • Increase in sales, customer confidence and satisfaction
  • full access to the IFS Tools

The request of a certification against IFS Standards has been growing amongst retailers in the last years. By being certified against IFS, companies show their clients their striving for continuous improvement in their quality and product safety management.
By following our webinar about IFS Global Markets - HPC you will have an excellent overview of the new IFS Program: 

On request, IFS Academy organizes training sessions to convey the contents and the procedure of the IFS Global Markets - HPC program. If you are interested, contact the IFS Academy: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

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