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IFS PACsecure Testimonial - Boxmaster

The integration of the IFS PACsecure Standard and practices has contributed to BOXmaster providing something unique in our market

by Greg Reid, General Manager BOXmaster
In the packaging industry, BOXmaster seeks to stay on top of what is an evolving landscape. As a company built on service and quality, our goal was to take these standards to the next level and offer consumers a product that is a cut above. We do not want to just be a part of the market; we want to be a forerunner in how it develops. Seizing the opportunity to become IFS PACsecure certified resulted not only in being able to offer more to our customers, but it led to the enrichment of the internal business structure of BOXmaster as well.

We like IFS PACsecure because it:
  • Gave us a platform for developing process and efficiency;
  • Facilitated an environment to create change;
  • Helped us be aware of all aspects of our business;
  • Creates accountability in all steps and by all employees as it is an inclusive program;
  • Improved our preventive maintenance to a new level;
  • Improved flow of the plant;
  • Helped us develop an overall effective quality system.

These accomplishments filtered throughout the company and the benefits are felt by our customer base.

Maintaining the Standard:
  • We have very effective "internal audits" though synergistic team building.

o Teams that change yearly are made up of employees from different departments.
o Teams audit different sections of the standard each year.
o Audits lead to "weekly reminders" and initiatives driving continuous improvement.
o Colleagues hold each other accountable and strive toward a shared value.

  • Perpetual interactive training includes:

o Lunchroom dialog during quarterly meetings
o Annual training in the office boardroom
o Annual "Jeopardy" games to re-test knowledge and comprehension

Colleagues are engaged when they know they have a role in building something special.

Moving Forward:
The integration of the IFS PACsecure standard and practices has contributed to BOXmaster providing something unique in our market. With each year we take on the challenge of continued betterment of our practices, to ensure that we remain as dynamic as the industry we operate in. This mantra has seen our score improve throughout our five audits from an initial score of 96.91% in 2014 to 99.90% most recently in 2018. Even with our successful implementation to date, we continually relish the opportunity to become even better at what we do and what the IFS PACsecure program helps us achieve. We are thrilled with where we are now and what we've accomplished, but where the future can lead us is an exciting prospect we enthusiastically look towards next.


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