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100 % IFS PACsecure: Color Ad and Color Ad’s IFS PACsecure Journey

We marketed ourselves as IFS PACsecure-certified. We realized that consistently maintaining this standard was extremely important.

by Tony Christian, Compliance and Quality Manager, Color Ad Packaging

IFS PACsecure and GFSI were foreign to us in 2014 when we started looking into advanced Food Safety programs and Quality programs to help us improve our standards and put our name on the list of first- class companies in the industry. We began our IFS PACsecure (GFSI) journey by reaching out to Food Safety Specialists (SMEs) for advice and training. We also worked with the Packaging Consortium (PAC) for guidance and information-gathering.

We chose IFS PACsecure as the standard we felt best met our goals of food safety, quality requirements and guidelines. We immediately started organizing on-site and off-site training sessions for our employees, established a Food Safety Team, and commenced work. We were very serious about understanding food safety and changing our culture. We moved fast. We established procedures, we started enforcing procedures, and we started holding ourselves accountable to those procedures and standards. We conducted two third-party gap audits to support us in understanding where our deficiencies lie and, based on advice and recommendations from SMEs, made changes accordingly.

We had our first official IFS PACsecure Audit in the spring of 2015. We achieved a 96.94% score. We were elated! To mark this occasion, our Executive Leadership, Food Safety Team, and all those who worked to help us achieve this held a celebratory party acknowledging both the effort and achievement.
A food agency linked to the Manitoban government published an article about our success. A local news agency recognized us as the first Manitoban company to get IFS PACsecure-certified. We marketed ourselves as IFS PACsecure-certified. We realized that consistently maintaining these standards was extremely important. Now was the time to plan how we do this for the coming years and how we do this so as to make it part of our company culture. We refined our Internal Audit Program. We increased internal audit frequencies. As important as enforcement is, we also gave importance to education and training initiatives. Our goal was culture change. This was in no way easy, but we started seeing results.

  • Came spring of 2016 – our IFS PACsecure Audit score was 97.05%. 
  • 2017 – 98.97%
  • 2018 – 100%*
*(Only 2% of IFS PACsecure audits achieve a perfect 100% score. The next audit will be a real challenge!)

Our company growth has been monumental in the last few years – our Executive Leadership's direction and support, our Production Group's operational capabilities and continued support, our Food Safety Team's enthusiasm and our Quality protocols have aided us in the right direction. Also, our Sales Team's marketing efforts, our Procurement Team's enhanced supplier screening, our Logistics' Team's strict finished goods handling processes have all contributed to our grand success!
We are truly a state-of-the-art company and will continue to be a market leader!

- Tony Christian, Compliance and Quality Manager, Color Ad Packaging


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