Product Integrity

L'évaluation IFS de l'intégrité des produits (IFS PIA) renforce la confiance entre les fournisseurs et leurs clients. Elle vise à sensibiliser et à gérer les risques liés à l'intégrité des produits et à la fraude alimentaire au sein de la chaîne d'approvisionnement. L'IFS PIA évalue les procédés de fabrication, les procédures administratives, la chaîne d'approvisionnement et la gestion par l'entreprise des risques liés aux matières premières. En tant que fournisseur, vous pouvez montrer comment vous identifiez et protégez votre entreprise contre les risques de fraude et comment vous préservez l'intégrité des aliments.

L'IFS PIA est une évaluation de référence pour la gestion de l'intégrité des produits alimentaires et n'est donc pas un référentiel de certification. Le référentiel est l'ensemble des exigences de cette évaluation. En tant que fournisseur, vous décidez de la manière dont vous souhaitez répondre à ces exigences en fonction des attentes de vos clients et du niveau de conformité accepté.
Le programme IFS PIA s'adresse à toutes les entreprises, qu'elles soient grandes, moyennes ou petites.



Une évaluation IFS PIA donne aux entreprises un avantage concurrentiel sur le marché. Elle apporte des avantages clés aux entreprises qui visent l'excellence en matière de qualité, de sécurité, d'authenticité et de satisfaction du client :

  • en proposant une approche systématique et basée sur les risques pour évaluer l'intégrité des produits
  • en offrant un reporting structuré et cohérent
  • en identifiant les potentiels d'optimisation
  • en réduisant les coûts et les délais pour les fournisseurs et les distributeurs
  • en augmentant la confiance dans vos produits et la crédibilité de votre entreprise.
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Informations pour le fournisseur et le distributeur


Dans notre fiche IFS PIA Industry, vous trouverez des informations utiles sur le processus d'enregistrement, l'évaluation et la manière de s'y préparer. En outre, vous pouvez en savoir plus sur le processus de qualification et d'évaluation et sur ce à quoi ressemble un rapport.

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Dans notre fiche IFS PIA Retailer, vous trouverez des informations spécifiques sur l'évaluation, le processus d'inscription, les lettres de confirmation et le rapport d'évaluation. Vous pouvez en savoir plus sur la manière d'utiliser la base de données IFS pour consulter les résultats et les progrès de vos fournisseurs.

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IFS News

IFS Certification Body Conference 2023

Connecting Certification Bodies worldwide!

On 16 and 17 October 2023, we welcomed over 200 participants to our Certification Body Conference in Berlin and to our live stream.

The annual IFS CB Conference brings together representatives of IFS-approved certification bodies from around the world. The 2-day conference programme consisted of a wide range of informative sessions. IFS Team Members delved into various aspects of certification, including updated standards, new programs and the latest company developments.

This year, we were happy to welcome two outstanding keynote speakers. Robert Prevendar, Director of Food Safety and Quality Assurance at Yum! Brands, and Dr Jean-Charles Gander, Chief Quality Officer at the Migros Group, shared insights into their companies’ policies and the role IFS Certification plays in this context. 

The number of certification bodies we work with is constantly growing worldwide. If you are interested in joining our CB network, read more here.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this event and look forward to welcoming the CBs back to Berlin next year.

New Impulses for IFS Market Development

We have repositioned the top of our Market Development Department and are delighted to have Mario Schuster and Holly Hatam join the IFS Team. With distinct backgrounds that beautifully complement each other, they bring a wealth of expertise to our ever-evolving journey.

Mario Schuster has started with IFS as Director of IFS Market Development. He comes to us with versatile expertise in food retail and the dynamic world of startups. He combines the best of established strategies and innovative thinking. His deep understanding of the retail landscape contributes to building strong relationships, understanding market dynamics and skilfully navigating challenges and opportunities for IFS.

Holly Hatam is the new Deputy Director of the department. Holly brings a wealth of experience from various certification bodies, where she held different key positions. She convinces with her ability to develop markets in a targeted manner and to tailor offers to customers.

Mario and Holly will be responsible for the strategic and operational development of IFS and our products and services in the global marketplace. They will work closely with all IFS Stakeholders, the IFS Team, and IFS Representatives to explore opportunities, expand our position, and set new impulses in the different markets. 

Their individual journeys give them a deep understanding of the intricacies of the respective markets and innovative mindsets that align perfectly with our goals. Their strategic thinking and ability to identify untapped opportunities will undoubtedly contribute to IFS’s continued success. 

Learn more about Holly and Mario in our IFS Faces Blog.

IFS Food 8 audits can start now

It is now possible to perform audits according to IFS Food version 8. For a period of three months, it is possible to perform an audit to either version 7 or version 8. IFS Food 8 audits will become mandatory for all certified companies from 1 January 2024. 

The applicability of version 7 ends on 31 December 2023; only in exceptional cases may they be performed after this date. These exceptions are specified in the current IFS Food Doctrines for version 7 and version 8.

The update of the IFS Software auditXpress Neo (AXP Neo) for IFS Food 8 is already available. It significantly facilitates the reporting of internal audits and is free of charge. The new software is fast, intuitive, and clearly arranged. It facilitates the collaboration between audited companies and the certification body, that uses the same software.

Businesses certified to the IFS Food Standard find AXP Neo for downloading in the login area of the IFS Database. We have also made this software available to CBs approved for IFS Food and auditors who did the version 8 conversion training. 

On our IFS YouTube channel, you can watch our video that gives you an overview of the most important changes in version 8 compared to version 7. For more details, download the IFS Food version 7 and version 8 comparison document.

The IFS Food Standard page provides all relevant information about the standard, the roadmap to certification and all relevant documents for downloading from the document hub. Be sure to visit this page to be excellently prepared for your first IFS Food 8 audit.