We have updated the IFS Broker Standard and are thrilled to introduce version 3.2 today. Audits to this new version will become mandatory from 1 July 2024.

More transparency through the IFS Star Status and updated Scoring System

In IFS Broker 3.2, we introduce the star status, signaling that an audit was unannounced. Also, you will find updates in the scoring system. In particular, the B-score is now a deviation again, requiring a correction or corrective action. 

These updates contribute to greater transparency as customers and other stakeholders of the audited company can easily recognise how the audit was carried out. Furthermore, the report shows which deviation led to the B-score and the action plan specifies what needs to be done to correct the deviation. This creates greater clarity for everyone involved.

The update facilitates combined audits 

As many IFS audits are combined audits with other IFS Standards, it was essential for us to align version 3.2 with the other updated IFS Standards, especially IFS Food 8 and IFS Logistics 3. The revisions significantly facilitate the performance of combined IFS Audits. 

Leading retail, wholesale and food service companies trust IFS Broker Certification

IFS Broker is the standard for auditing the service compliance of brokers, sales representatives, traders and importers of food, household and personal care products or packaging materials. It belongs to the leading standards for certifying quality and product safety in this sector. 

Many retail, wholesale, and food service companies trust IFS Broker Certificates as they show that the certified company has established robust procedures and processes to trade products professionally and responsibly. Over 2,500 companies worldwide hold IFS Broker Certificates. 

IFS-certified companies benefit from a unique support package

IFS offers guidance, like guidelines and various tools, to support suppliers in reaching IFS Broker Certification and further enhancing product safety and quality management processes. 

The IFS Software, auditXpress Neo, supports reporting the internal audit results. An update to IFS Broker 3.2 will become available before the audits to the new version start. 

Approved IFS Training Providers offer training based on official IFS Materials and recognised IFS Consultants support businesses in implementing the requirements and training their staff.

International recognition   

The IFS Broker accreditation process is in progress with the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) to be recognised under the sub-scopes of the IAF Multilateral Recognition Arrangement (MLA) product certification. IAF MLA signatories mutually recognise accredited certification. It helps to reduce barriers to trade as accredited certificates are recognised in many markets based on a single accreditation. Also, the benchmarking process with GFSI has started.  

More information  

IFS Broker version 3.2 is currently available in English only. Translations into our main languages will follow shortly. The doctrine for IFS Broker version 3.2 will also be published later. We will notify you of their publication in our newsletters, on our website or on LinkedIn. 

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