IFS Risk Management

Knowing, analysing, and monitoring the risks in your supply chain is vital to delivering safe products. Therefore, an effective and comprehensive risk management system for product safety is essential for food, packaging, and logistics companies. IFS offers retailers, certified businesses,

IFS Auditors, and recognised IFS Consultants an IFS Risk Management Support Package that provides information about the latest issues in their markets. It saves you time and provides an excellent overview of the most important developments that are relevant to you. 

Trend Risk Monitor

The IFS Trend Risk Monitor is a tool to facilitate the risk management activities of our stakeholders. It provides a comprehensive overview of all relevant data worldwide that affect the upstream supply chain and factors that influence raw materials in their countries of origin. 

The IFS Trend Risk Monitor also includes the IFS WordCloud. The tool supports you in your daily risk monitoring activities. It collects and analyses data from recall databases and presents it to you in a clear format. This way, without searching multiple websites, you can easily see which products have safety problems and follow trends.

You can find the IFS Trend Risk Monitor, including the IFS WordCloud, in the log-in area of the IFS Database.  

Trend Risk Report

The IFS Trend Risk Report provides analyses on specific topics relevant to managing risks related to food and product safety. It includes a wide range of topics such as food fraud cases, recalls around the world, news, price developments, and other relevant topics.  
The report offers many possibilities for interactive use. Numerous links ensure that you can view the original notification to determine if the information is relevant for you. All stakeholders in the IFS Network receive the IFS Trend Risk Report monthly as an exclusive and free service.