Today, we are lifting the tip of the veil of what to expect from us in 2024. One of the most exciting projects will be rebranding our development programs. The new brand name will be IFS Progress.

With the new name, we are emphasising the active approach and aim of the programs while their content remains the same

The rebranding still needs some time to prepare. We expect to officially introduce it in the first half of the new year. After formally launching the new brand name, the IFS Global Markets brand will be gradually faced out. 

We will inform CBs, assessed companies, and other stakeholders via newsletters about the details of the rebranding in an appropriate timeframe that allows enough time to prepare themselves. 

For 15 years, our development programs have enabled companies to establish and develop appropriate processes to manage product safety and quality. They are built on standardised requirements and structured in two levels. The programs help suppliers progress towards IFS Certification within a defined time frame. Also, companies that implement the requirements lay the foundation for further growth and scalability and benefit from their customers' increased trust in them. 

We have four IFS Global Markets Programs. Here is a brief overview:

IFS Progress Food is a development program that helps food suppliers gradually build comprehensive food safety and quality processes and leads them to IFS Food Certification.

IFS Progress Logistics is a development program that helps logistics service providers gradually build comprehensive food safety and quality processes. 

IFS Progress HPC is a development program that helps household and personal care product suppliers gradually build comprehensive safety and quality processes. 

IFS Progress PACsecure is a development program for suppliers of packaging materials. It assesses processes for product safety, quality, traceability, transparency, and compliance with regulations and customer requirements. 

In our newsletters, on LinkedIn and the IFS Website, we will update you on the rebranding of our development programs.