With IFS Progress HPC, you lay the foundation for further growth and scalability. It increases the trust your customers have in your company.
IFS Progress HPC offers you, as a supplier of household and personal care (HPC) products, an easy entry into adequate product safety and quality processes. It also helps you meet legal and customer requirements. You can set the path towards IFS Certification with your customers, including the pace and milestones.

Industry experts representing the HPC products supply chain develop the program, ensuring it is realistic and relevant to the market's needs. Highly recognised assessors evaluate your product safety and quality management, good manufacturing and hygiene practices, product hazards and risks, and compliance with legal and customer requirements. The assessor’s expertise, the graded scoring system, detailed reports and IFS Tools help you continuously develop your processes further and reach your goals.


IFS Progress HPC helps you:

  • meet legal requirements
  • comply with existing and future business partner expectations
  • implement safety and quality process prerequisites
  • address hazard identification and control
  • understand and minimise risks
  • strengthen traceability systems

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Roadmap to your assessment


For industry training, IFS cooperates with approved training providers. Also, we offer e-learning courses in English in our webshop.

Approved IFS Training Providers offer official training for IFS Standards and Programs, internal auditing, hazard analysis, risk assessments or specific technical topics.

IFS exclusively provides the training material for these courses. This way, you can be sure that only these providers will teach you how to implement IFS requirements according to their original intention. Only our approved training providers may use the IFS Academy Logo.

The training takes place online as group and individual courses or in person and on-site.

Click here to find an IFS Training Provider in your country.


You can implement the IFS Requirements on your own or tap into the expertise, knowledge, and experience of a recognised IFS Consultant.

IFS supports you with a unique package of various tools and guiding documents (see below). Also, you can contact an IFS Representative in your region or country for advice.

Recognised IFS Consultants are industry professionals offering training, standard knowledge, internal auditing, and industry experience to guide the implementation of the IFS Requirements. IFS has trained these consultants and regularly informs them about updates and other relevant developments regarding the standards and programs. You can be sure that you will work with an excellently trained, up to date and experienced professional when choosing a recognised IFS Consultant.

Search for the most suitable consultant for your company in your region in our consultant search.

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Approved certification bodies (CBs) and assessment services providers (ASPs) deliver assessment services to companies seeking assessment to an IFS Progress program. Their IFS Auditors or Assessors perform the assessments.

We firmly believe that solid auditor and assessor competence is the basis for the IFS Standards’ and Programs’ credibility and reliability. All IFS Auditors and Assessors must meet specific requirements. This way, we ensure that they assess companies in a consistent manner worldwide.

Use the search function to find a CB or ASP in your country. 

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Support for IFS certified sites


Connect with the IFS Network to grow your business. As a assessed business, you can log in to the IFS Database to follow suppliers and search for new ones. Also, your company is visible to potential new customers and business partners.


Simplify your internal auditing with the IFS Software. Use the same software as the IFS Auditor to evaluate your product safety and quality management system efficiently. Get score results to assess areas for improvement and create internal audit reports. You can download the software from your IFS Database login area.

Supporting Documents

IFS Guidelines and Checklists help you with practical advice on specific technical topics. Prepare for the audit/assessment with guidance documents explaining the intention of the requirements and giving examples of auditor questions. Go to the document hub and search for guidelines to get an overview. 


Strengthen your product safety and quality management skills, improve processes, and meet implementation goals. The IFS Pathway leads you towards IFS Certification by providing appropriate resources for each step and specific topics

IFS News

IFS Progress – Actively developing product safety and quality processes

 It is now official: IFS Progress is the new brand name of our supplier development programs. The new name replaces IFS Global Markets, which will be phased out on 14 May 2024. 

Since 2014, our development programs have been enabling suppliers to establish and develop appropriate processes to manage their product safety and quality. These programs are built on standardised requirements and structured in two levels. They help suppliers progress towards IFS Certification. IFS offers Progress Programs for suppliers of food products, logistics services, packaging materials and household and personal care (HPC) products. 

IFS Progress represents the active approach of the development programs

The new name, IFS Progress, fits perfectly with our understanding that our development programs, and just like our standards, help suppliers to continuously monitor, build, update and improve their products and processes to deliver safe, quality products that customers and consumers can trust. 

With this brand name, we are emphasising the active approach and aim of the programs while their content remains the same. It stands for: 

  • Progressing within the current program level 
  • Progressing from level to level 
  • Progressing towards IFS Certification 

Suppliers assessed to IFS Progress achieve the prerequisites for operating, growing, and developing steadily in a regional, national, and international environment and be accepted as trusted business partners.

New name, new logos, same program content 

The content of the development programs remains unchanged, and they stay in their current versions: IFS Progress Food version 3, IFS Progress Logistics version 1, IFS Progress PACsecure version 1 and IFS Progress HPC version 1. We have updated the logos, the program protocols, and other relevant documents with the new brand name. 

Assessed businesses, certification bodies, assessment services providers and our other stakeholders will have sufficient time to integrate the name IFS Progress into their corporate processes and communication. Until 14 May 2024, IFS Global Markets may still be applied. We at IFS are using this transition period to update documents, IT tools, and training materials. 

You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions in our fact sheet. Download it here in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese or Turkish.

Let’s work together for product and food safety 

The IFS Progress Programs are an essential stepping stone in the gradual development of robust processes for food and product safety of assessed suppliers. The assessment helps to build trust in supply chains. IFS offers tools, guidelines, and support so suppliers can reach their goals. Achieving those goals is a joint effort of everyone involved. 

Let's work together to make food and products safer and support the continuous development and progress in this area!


For more information about the IFS Progress Programs, the roadmap to the assessment and the support IFS offers, please visit the program webpages: 

IFS Progress Food

IFS Progress HPC

IFS Progress Logistics

IFS Progress PACsecure

View all

IFS Progress HPC Blog

IFS Progress: The Journey to a New Brand Identity

03 April 2024
IFS Editorial Team

We have recently introduced IFS Progress as the new name for our development programs. In this blog article, João Stein, Head of Development Programs at IFS, shares insights into the rebranding process.   Why the rebranding? IFS introduced its f...

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