IFS Professional Partner Platform

The IFS Professional Partner Platform (IFS PPP) is for training providers and consultants and part of our general qualification platform, the IFS Academy. Here, you find IFS e-Learning courses for your qualification and the official IFS Training Materials for courses you offer to your customers.

The platform is independent of the IFS Database, which is why you need to register or log in separately for it. However, as an IFS Database user, you can use your credentials to register. Other user groups can also register. Simply choose the box below that is appropriate for you. 

If you have questions regarding the platform, please do not hesitate to contact us at: [email protected]


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Registered IFS Database User:

If you have access to the IFS Database, or will gain it shortly, please use your credentials and register here
The following stakeholders have access to the IFS Database:
Authorities, Certification bodies, IFS Auditors (including upcoming auditors, AIP, pure reviewers), IFS-certified companies, IFS Training providers, IFS Working Group members, recognised IFS Consultants, retailers and Wholesalers.  

Other user groups:

If you don’t have IFS Database access and will not get it in the foreseeable future, please register here.

Other user groups may be:
Parties not affiliated with IFS and IFS Staff.