IFS Pathway

The IFS Pathway Platform is for industry professionals. It helps strengthen your product safety and quality management skills, improve processes, and meet implementation goals. The IFS Pathway leads IFS Progress assessed companies towards IFS Certification by providing appropriate resources for each step and for specific topics. For certified businesses, the IFS Pathway offers a technical library and various practical resources to deepen your knowledge about specific technical topics regarding your certification. 

The IFS Pathway is part of our general qualification platform, the IFS Academy. This platform is independent of the IFS Database, which is why you need to register or log in separately for it. However, as an IFS Database user, you can use your credentials to register for it. You’ll find the enrolment key for the IFS Pathway in your IFS Database login area. Other user groups can also register. Simply choose the box below that is appropriate for you. 

If you have questions regarding the platform, please send us an e-mail.


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How to register?

Registered IFS Database users or
users who will gain access shortly :

Your steps to the IFS Pathway

  1. Login to the IFS Database. Here you will find the document with login instructions and the enrollment key for the technical library of the IFS Pathway Platform
  2. Use your IFS Database credentials and register to login to our
    qualification platform here.
  3. Choose the IFS Pathway Platform
  4. Use the enrolment key mentioned above to enter the technical library.

The following stakeholders have access to the IFS Database:
Authorities, Certification bodies, IFS Auditors (including upcoming auditors, AIP, pure reviewers), IFS-certified companies, IFS Training providers, IFS Working Group members, recognised IFS Consultants, retailers and Wholesalers.  

Other user groups:

Your steps to the IFS Pathway

  1. If you don’t have IFS Database access and will not get it in the foreseeable future, please register here.
  2. Choose the IFS Pathway Platform to enter the open spaces of the platform.
  3. To receive your enrolment for the technical library, please send us an e-mail stating your name, company and why you want access to the technical library. 
  4. After receiving your enrolment key, you can enter the technical library. 

Other user groups may be:
Parties not affiliated with IFS and IFS Staff.