The IFS HPC is a standard for auditing safe and quality products/processes of suppliers concerning the manufacturing of household and personal care products. The development of this Standard was made possible thanks to the common work with HPC industries, retailers and certification bodies which took care of the main aspects of this Standard and at all times tried to reflect the evolving needs of the HPC industry. As a result of this work, the IFS HPC is the most tailor made standard to audit household and personal care products and their processes, and to ensure that products do not represent any hazards for the safety of consumers.




The IFS HPC Standard covers four specific group of products:

  • Cosmetics (e.g. make up, lotions,shampoo, creams, etc.)
  • Household chemical products (e.g. detergents, softeners, cleaning agents, aroma sticks, etc.)
  • Daily use household products (e.g. household gloves, bakery paper, brooms, aluminum foil, etc.)
  • Personal hygiene products (e.g. tampons, tweezers, bath sponges, diapers, etc.)




The aim of this Standard is to ensure that household and personal care producers are able to provide safe, compliant and quality goods to the market. Fulfilling the expectations of your customer will help you to increase client´s confidence.




  • The core of this Standard is the Risk Management, which allow companies to demonstrate that their products do not represent any hazards for health and/or safety of consumers.
  • IFS HPC standard covers most requirements of the ISO 22716 (GMP for Cosmetics)
  • HPC audit focuses on checking risk management, customer specifications, traceability, and crisis management among other parameters.
  • The customers’ specifications are fulfilled.



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