We published the doctrine for IFS Broker 3.2. This document provides answers to frequently asked technical questions and clarifies requirements. 

    Among other topics, this doctrine specifies:  

    •     the requirement for extraordinary information that auditors need to provide  
    •     the calculation of the minimum audit duration 
    •     the timelines for the applicability of version 3.1.and 3.2 
    •     the management of COID for companies in specific situations 
    •     the conversion training for auditors 

    The doctrine is a normative document complementing the standard.  Accordingly, it is essential for certified companies, auditors, certification bodies and other stakeholders to take knowledge of and follow the clarifications contained therein. 

    The Broker 3.2 doctrine is currently available in English only. We will provide further translations at a later stage and inform you accordingly.   

    Make sure to download the IFS Broker 3.2 doctrine before your next audit.