We have repositioned the top of our Market Development Department and are delighted to have Mario Schuster and Holly Hatam join the IFS Team. With distinct backgrounds that beautifully complement each other, they bring a wealth of expertise to our ever-evolving journey.

Mario Schuster has started with IFS as Director of IFS Market Development. He comes to us with versatile expertise in food retail and the dynamic world of startups. He combines the best of established strategies and innovative thinking. His deep understanding of the retail landscape contributes to building strong relationships, understanding market dynamics and skilfully navigating challenges and opportunities for IFS.

Holly Hatam is the new Deputy Director of the department. Holly brings a wealth of experience from various certification bodies, where she held different key positions. She convinces with her ability to develop markets in a targeted manner and to tailor offers to customers.

Mario and Holly will be responsible for the strategic and operational development of IFS and our products and services in the global marketplace. They will work closely with all IFS Stakeholders, the IFS Team, and IFS Representatives to explore opportunities, expand our position, and set new impulses in the different markets. 

Their individual journeys give them a deep understanding of the intricacies of the respective markets and innovative mindsets that align perfectly with our goals. Their strategic thinking and ability to identify untapped opportunities will undoubtedly contribute to IFS’s continued success. 

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