Two new normative documents for version 3 of the IFS Logistics Standard are now available. These documents complement the standard and are essential for certified companies, auditors, certification bodies, and other stakeholders to know.

    The IFS Logistics 3 Doctrine

    The doctrine provides answers to frequently asked technical questions and clarifies specific requirements. Among other topics, it specifies: 

    • Which IFS Logistics version to apply in particular situations;
    • The requirement for logistics companies organising transport without their own trucks;
    • The 50% on-site duration rule for companies organising transport/storage;
    • The case of a suspension or withdrawal of a certification body’s accreditation; 
    • The requirement regarding using interpreters and other professional services; 
    • Requirements regarding the approval of auditors and auditor conversion training;
    • The types of audits not accepted as sign-off audits, witness audits and for auditor scope extensions; as well as
    • The extraordinary information that certification bodies need to provide to IFS.

    The IFS Logistics Multi-site Guideline

    We updated this guideline to align with version 3 of the IFS Logistics Standard and accreditation requirements (IAF MD1:2023). 

    It applies only to companies with headquarters and multiple sites that fulfil specific criteria regarding the number of sites, activities, and other parameters. The guideline explains the requirements these companies must meet for a multi-site certification. It also describes the aspects certification bodies and those companies need to consider during the initial and recertification audits. 

    Download the Documents 

    Discover the essential information and valuable insights these documents provide:

    • Download the IFS Logistics 3 Doctrine version 1 here.
    • Download the updated IFS Logistics Multi-site Guideline here.

    The documents are available in English only.