Product Integrity

The IFS Product Integrity Assessment (IFS PIA) builds trust between suppliers and their customers. It aims to raise awareness and manage risks related to product integrity and food fraud within the supply chain. IFS PIA assesses the production processes, the administrative procedures, the supply chain, and the company's handling of raw material-related risks. As a supplier, you can show how you identify and protect your company against fraud risks and maintain food integrity.

IFS PIA is a benchmark assessment for integrity management of food products and, therefore, not a certification standard. The benchmark is the set of requirements in this assessment.  You, as a supplier, decide how you want to meet these requirements according to the expectations of your customers and the accepted level of compliance.
The IFS PIA Program suits all companies, large, medium-sized, or small.



An IFS PIA Assessment gives companies a competitive advantage in the marketplace. It brings key benefits for businesses striving for excellence in quality, safety, authenticity, and customer satisfaction by:

  • providing a systematic, risk-based approach to assessing product integrity
  • offering structured and consistent reporting
  • identifying optimisation potentials
  • reducing costs and time for both suppliers and retailers
  • increasing trust in your products and credibility of your company
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Information for supplier and retailer


In our IFS PIA Industry fact sheet, you will find helpful information about the registration process, the assessment, and how to prepare for it. Furthermore, you can learn more about the qualification and assessment process and what a report looks like.    

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In our IFS PIA Retailer fact sheet, you will find specific information about the assessment, the registration process, letters of confirmation and the assessment report. You can learn more about how to use the IFS Database to view your suppliers’ results and progress.

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