The IFS Pest Control Guideline is a supporting document with the goal to improve the communication between IFS certified companies and their pest management professionals.

In this completely revised second version of the guideline, you can await explanations on some new aspects of pest management.

1. We introduce aspects of sustainability and digitisation following the European Union’s „Green Deal”.

2. We explain Integrated Pest Management principles and provide examples.

3. We present new innovative tools and techniques for pest management.

4. We analyse the pest management related IFS Requirements and provide questions auditors might ask.

5. We added an example of a detailed risk assessment for different pests.

Integrated Pest Management is a new requirement of the European Commission to reduce the risk of chemical pesticides by half. Pesticides for pest control can continue to be used with better consideration for people and the environment.

We thank our colleague Irmtraut Rathjens de Suster for her great and hard work in realising this new guideline version. Our special thanks go to Daniel Schroeer from Futura GmbH, whose experience, knowledge and insights have made this guideline possible, which provides a practical approach to implementing the principles of plant protection. We would also like to thank ANID (Associazione Nazionale delle Imprese di Disinfestazione) for their valuable contributions and additional comments. This guideline is published in cooperation with QS Qualität und Sicherheit GmbH.

The guideline is currently only available in English, further languages will follow soon.