The suspension of IFS as well as this week’s upholding of the suspension are unfounded and arbitrary.

We provided GFSI with all the necessary information on the case in Italy, underwent an audit with the GFSI benchmark leader on 3 March 2023 and always fulfilled the GFSI benchmarking requirements. We therefore welcome today’s decision of the GFSI Steering Committee to reinstate IFS as a GFSI-recognised CPO.

Nevertheless, IFS has considered the suspension of the benchmark by GFSI as unfounded and arbitrary. It has unsettled many IFS-certified companies and has not contributed to food safety. We have always worked to ensure that their customers continue to recognise IFS Certificates and are grateful for the trust placed in us by our global network.

In the interest of all CPOs, certification bodies, certified companies and other stakeholders, we would like to see GFSI revise its governance rules to ensure that basic democratic principles are respected, procedures are transparent and fair, and rules are adhered to by all participants in the future. We all want to work for the cause of food safety, taking into account the different needs and approaches of all stakeholders.