We have recently launched our completely redesigned website. Today, we are happy to share that it is now available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. The new website will automatically appear in the language of the respective country you are in.

Following up on our news from 28 March, we would like to take this opportunity to answer some frequently asked questions about the new website.

How can I find a specific document in my language?

The easiest way to find a document is to use the document hub on the homepage. It is our central and free library from which you can download all publicly available IFS Documents relating to our current standards, programs, checks, and other relevant topics.

The best way to search is to use the dropdown menus in the search boxes. For example, to find the IFS Food Standard in Polish, choose Food from the standard menu, Standard as document type and Polish as the language.

Learn more about it in the IFS Document Hub Fact Sheet.

Can I search for documents on the standard and program pages?

We will integrate the document hub on the standard and program pages to make searching relevant documents more efficient.  The default settings will be set to the corresponding language and standard/program on the French, German, Italian and Spanish pages. On the English pages, you will be able to change the language settings.

Where can I find the directory of certification bodies, consultants, and training providers?

This information is located on the standard and program pages under the following headings:

  • “Train” directs you to the training providers page
  • “Implement” provides a search for recognised IFS Consultants
  • “Audit/Assess” contains a search for certification bodies and assessment services providers.

Each standard and program page offers a “one-stop shop” in which you can access all the relevant information and documents and locate our partners immediately.

Where do I find the audit time calculation tool?

The audit time calculation tool has moved from the website to the IFS Software. It is integrated into the IFS auditXpressX and the new auditXpress Neo software. We provide the software free of charge to certified and global markets assessed companies, consultants, and CBs. You will find it in your login area of the IFS Database.

[Update, 30.11.2023] We also provide an online audit time calculator again. You can access it here.

How do I reach the qualification platforms?

Information and login links to our various qualification platforms have changed. You will find them at the top of the standard and program pages or in the special areas for consultants and training providers.

More is yet to come! We continue to optimise the site based on the feedback we are receiving. It will get new features as we look to expand our services further.