Today, we are happy to announce the publication of IFS Global Markets Food version 3.

It is a development program that helps food suppliers gradually build comprehensive food safety and quality processes. Together with their customers, they can set the path towards IFS Certification, including the pace and milestones.

“With IFS Global Markets Food, we offer companies an easy entry into adequate product safety and quality processes. Version 3 of this development program is now aligned with the IFS Product and Process Approach, strengthening it as a pre-stage to IFS Certification. It is unique to IFS that we offer global markets assessed companies a wide range of free guidelines and supportive tools so that they can continuously strengthen your safety and quality management.”, says IFS Managing Director, Stephan Tromp, about the latest edition of IFS Global Markets Food.

In the new version of the program, we improved the various prerequisites for developing product safety and quality processes to make reaching the goal of IFS Certification more accessible and efficient. The alignment to the Food Standard and IFS Product and Process Approach supports this. We are also introducing new and revised requirements to ensure compliance with legal requirements and essential issues, as well as to improve the implementation of food safety and quality management processes.

The IFS offers guidance and support, like guidelines and tools, to support companies in their development and assessment process. Especially the IFS Pathway platform helps them start with food safety and quality management and get on the way to IFS Certification. Also, approved IFS Training Providers offer training based on IFS Materials and recognised IFS Consultants can support you with the implementation of the requirements.

Please find the program and other documents here.