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The IFS Logistics standard assesses the quality and safety of logistics activities and includes transport, storage, distribution, loading and unloading, and more. It supports your logistics company in meeting the growing transparency and traceability demands of your customers. Showing you can handle their products in a professional and responsible way contributes to increasing trust between you and your customers.
IFS Logistics applies to all logistics areas, such as delivery by truck, rail or ship, and all types of food and non-food products, regardless of whether

they must be transported at freezing temperatures, refrigerated or non-refrigerated.
Qualified auditors working for  independent accredited certification bodies carry out the audits.
IFS Standards are subject to assessments by governmental or private organisations. Read more about accreditation and recognition of the IFS Logistics Standard here.


  • IFS Certification grows sales
  • It reduces operating costs and increases efficiency
  • The scoring system drives continuous improvement
  • The IFS risk-based approach enables individual risk assessments
  • The non-prescriptive approach allows custom-made solutions
  • Combining IFS Logistics with other IFS Audits is possible
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Roadmap to certification


For industry training, IFS cooperates with approved training providers. Also, we offer e-learning courses in English in our webshop.

Approved IFS Training Providers offer official training for IFS Standards and Programs, internal auditing, hazard analysis, risk assessments or specific technical topics.

IFS exclusively provides the training material for these courses. This way, you can be sure that only these providers will teach you how to implement IFS requirements according to their original intention. Only our approved training providers may use the IFS Academy Logo.

The training takes place online as group and individual courses or in person and on-site.

Click here to find an IFS Training Provider in your country.


You can implement the IFS Requirements on your own or tap into the expertise, knowledge, and experience of a recognised IFS Consultant.

IFS supports you with a unique package of various tools and guiding documents (see below). Also, you can contact an IFS Representative in your region or country for advice.

Recognised IFS Consultants are industry professionals offering training, standard knowledge, internal auditing, and industry experience to guide the implementation of the IFS Requirements. IFS has trained these consultants and regularly informs them about updates and other relevant developments regarding the standards and programs. You can be sure that you will work with an excellently trained, up to date and experienced professional when choosing a recognised IFS Consultant.

Search for the most suitable consultant for your company in your region in our consultant search.

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Approved IFS Certification Bodies (CBs) provide auditing services to companies seeking IFS Certification. Their IFS Auditors offer certification audits.

We firmly believe that solid auditor competence is the basis for the IFS Standards' credibility and reliability. All IFS Auditors must meet specific requirements, pass the relevant IFS Exam, and participate in an IFS Calibration Training every two years. This way, we ensure that IFS Auditors worldwide assess companies in a consistent manner.

  • Use the search function to find a certification body in your country.

Logistics Certification body search

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Support for IFS certified sites


Connect with the IFS Network to grow your business. As a certified business, you can log in to the IFS Database to follow suppliers and search for new ones. Also, your company is visible to potential new customers and business partners.


Simplify your internal auditing with the IFS Software. Use the same software as the IFS Auditor to evaluate your product safety and quality management system efficiently. Get score results to assess areas for improvement and create internal audit reports. You can download the software from your IFS Database login area.


Document the findings of your internal audit with the IFS Audit Manager app. The app offers checklists, templates and audit planning features. Save time and easily identify gaps in your system, share findings with colleagues, and get the results to see your compliance level.

Supporting Documents

IFS Guidelines and Checklists help you with practical advice on specific technical topics. Prepare for the audit/assessment with guidance documents explaining the intention of the requirements and giving examples of auditor questions. Go to the document hub and search for guidelines to get an overview. 


Strengthen your product safety and quality management skills. For certified businesses, the IFS Pathway offers a technical library and various practical resources to deepen your knowledge about specific technical topics.

IFS News

New Doctrine and Multisite Guideline for IFS Logistics 3

Two new normative documents for version 3 of the IFS Logistics Standard are now available. These documents complement the standard and are essential for certified companies, auditors, certification bodies, and other stakeholders to know.

    The IFS Logistics 3 Doctrine

    The doctrine provides answers to frequently asked technical questions and clarifies specific requirements. Among other topics, it specifies: 

    • Which IFS Logistics version to apply in particular situations;
    • The requirement for logistics companies organising transport without their own trucks;
    • The 50% on-site duration rule for companies organising transport/storage;
    • The case of a suspension or withdrawal of a certification body’s accreditation; 
    • The requirement regarding using interpreters and other professional services; 
    • Requirements regarding the approval of auditors and auditor conversion training;
    • The types of audits not accepted as sign-off audits, witness audits and for auditor scope extensions; as well as
    • The extraordinary information that certification bodies need to provide to IFS.

    The IFS Logistics Multi-site Guideline

    We updated this guideline to align with version 3 of the IFS Logistics Standard and accreditation requirements (IAF MD1:2023). 

    It applies only to companies with headquarters and multiple sites that fulfil specific criteria regarding the number of sites, activities, and other parameters. The guideline explains the requirements these companies must meet for a multi-site certification. It also describes the aspects certification bodies and those companies need to consider during the initial and recertification audits. 

    Download the Documents 

    Discover the essential information and valuable insights these documents provide:

    • Download the IFS Logistics 3 Doctrine version 1 here.
    • Download the updated IFS Logistics Multi-site Guideline here.

    The documents are available in English only. 

    IFS Logistics Achieves Recognition as IAF MLA Sub-Scope

    On 22 March 2024, the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and International Featured Standards (IFS) signed an updated Scheme Endorsement Agreement to recognise the IFS Logistics standard under the IAF Multilateral Recognition Arrangement (MLA). The previous issue of the agreement, signed in April 2023, finalised the endorsement of IFS Food.

      IFS Logistics evaluates the quality and safety of logistics operations encompassing transport, storage, distribution, loading and unloading, and more. Certification bodies providing certification to this standard must be accredited by IAF MLA signatories, offering confidence that the above operations meet prescribed criteria.

      Under the Agreement, IFS Logistics will be recognised by IAF as an IAF MLA sub-scope under the main scope of Product Certification - ISO/IEC 17065. This recognition will ensure mutual recognition of accredited certification for the standard by IAF MLA signatories, allowing for the acceptance of accredited certificates in many markets based on one accreditation.

      “IAF is excited to announce the recognition of IFS Logistics as an IAF MLA sub-scope,” said IAF Chair Emanuele Riva. “This recognition will streamline market access and reduce trade barriers for companies holding IFS Logistics certification, aligning with our commitment to promoting safety and quality across various industries. With IFS Logistics joining IFS Food as a recognised scheme, we further advance our mission of facilitating global trade while upholding stringent requirements for the benefit of consumers and businesses alike.”

      “Over 3,300 companies, including large international logistics services providers, hold IFS Logistics Certifications. Many retail, wholesale and food services companies trust IFS Logistics Certificates as they show that the company has established robust procedures and processes to deliver safe products to customers. With the IAF and its members, an independent body verifies that our standards meet all the required criteria. The recognition of IFS Food version 8 and IFS Logistics version 3 under the IAF MLA contributes significantly to our certificates being recognised and trusted worldwide,” said Stephan Tromp, IFS Managing Director. 

      The current scopes of the IAF MLA can be viewed here.

      About IAF:

      The International Accreditation Forum (IAF) is a global association of accreditation bodies, conformity assessment body associations and other organisations involved in conformity assessment in fields including validation and verification and the certification of management systems, products, processes, services, and persons.

      IAF promotes the worldwide acceptance of certificates of conformity and validation/verification statements issued by conformity assessment bodies accredited by IAF MLA signatories and seeks to add value for all stakeholders through its activities and programs.

      About IFS:

      IFS Management GmbH, owned by the French retail association FCD and the German retail association HDE, develops globally recognised product quality and safety standards and development programs for companies within the food and consumer goods supply chain companies. IFS comprises six different food and non-food standards and four development programs. These assess whether private label and branded product suppliers can deliver safe, quality products in line with regulations and customer specifications. In this way, IFS helps ensure that consumers can trust that the products they find on retail shelves are safe and of excellent quality.

      IFS Logistics version 3 is now available!

      IFS Logistics version 3 – Made to meet the current needs of the market

      We are happy to announce the publication of the IFS Logistics Standard version 3. This IFS Standard assesses the quality and safety of logistics activities and includes transport, storage, distribution, loading and unloading, and more.

      “With IFS Logistics version 3, we present a standard updated to current regulations, market expectations and the latest trends. IFS has developed this version with international experts from the logistics sector, food industries, retail and wholesale companies, and certification bodies. Their input and expertise ensure that the requirements meet the market’s needs. I thank everyone who has contributed to realising this new version”, says IFS Managing Director Stephan Tromp.

      Optimised certification processes with IFS Logistics version 3

      IFS Logistics version 3 has fewer requirements and an optimised protocol and structure. Further updates concern the scoring system, extensions and clarifications in the scopes, and the introduction of the star status to indicate an unannounced audit. It is now aligned with the IFS Food Standard version 8, which is relevant for combined audits.

      “We took many suggestions from the logistics industry to make it more efficient for all stakeholders to work with the IFS Logistics Standard. I am positive that the optimised processes, workflow, and other updates will contribute to that”, states Mariana Estrada, IFS Logistics Standard Manager, about the new standard version.

      IFS Logistics version 3 audits are possible starting 1 June 2024 and become mandatory on 1 December 2024.

      IFS Logistics is widely used and accepted

      Many retail, wholesale and food services companies trust IFS Logistics Certificates as they show that the company has established robust procedures and processes to handle their products professionally and responsibly. Over 3,300 companies, including large international logistics services providers, hold IFS Logistics Certifications.

      IFS-certified companies benefit from a unique support package

      IFS offers guidance, like guidelines and various tools, to support suppliers in reaching IFS Logistics Certification and further enhancing their product safety and quality management processes. Approved IFS Training Providers offer training based on official IFS Materials and recognised IFS Consultants support businesses with implementing the requirements and training staff.

      The IFS Global Markets Logistics program helps logistics companies develop product safety and quality processes gradually.

      International recognition

      The IFS Logistics version 3 accreditation process is in progress with the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) to be recognised under the sub-scopes of product certification of the IAF Multilateral Recognition Arrangement (MLA). IAF MLA signatories mutually recognise accredited certification. It helps to reduce barriers to trade as accredited certificates are recognised in many markets based on a single accreditation. Also, the benchmarking process with GFSI has started.

      More information

      IFS Logistics version 3 is currently available in English only. Translations will come later, and we will inform you about them as soon as they are available.

      For more information about the IFS Logistics Standard, please visit the IFS Logistics webpage.

      For all significant information about IFS Logisitics version 3, read the whole newsletter here.

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