Certification bodies and auditors

Certification bodies

Become a Certification Body for IFS

Join IFS and benefit from our global reach, support services, tools, and training. Many retailers, wholesalers and food services companies request IFS from their suppliers to ensure the quality and safety of their private label brands.
The demand for IFS Standards, Progress Programs and Checks is growing worldwide. As an IFS Partner, you will enjoy many opportunities to grow your business and, if desired, offer training specific to our standards, programs, and checks.
Our certification body management team and IFS Representatives are

happy to assist you, answer questions, and support your business. Also, certification bodies are represented in IFS Committees and Working Groups, including a CB Working Group, so that we always hear your voice when developing our products and services.
Our information and documents in numerous languages are available to you and your customers for free on the IFS Website. Also, we offer your clients many supportive resources to make working with IFS easier.  We make it easy for your clients to choose IFS.

Your Benefits

  • Perform more audits and assessments as demand for IFS Products is growing
  • Get current training materials and support for auditor training and qualification
  • Use the IFS Database to complement your auditor management
  • Receive automatic reminders of audit and assessment dates
  • Gain new customers through presence on the IFS Website
  • Create audit reports easily and efficiently with the IFS Software
  • Have access to guiding materials and supportive documents for auditors
  • Enjoy affordable fees
  • Collaborate with IFS on events and webinars

Prerequisites for certification bodies

As a certification body, you need the IFS accreditation according to ISO/IEC 17065 to become an IFS Partner. You can find more details about the requirements for certification bodies in part 3 of all IFS Standards. Simply use the document hub on the homepage to download the relevant standard for free.

Download CB Accreditation Factsheet

How to qualify IFS Auditors

IFS specifies that auditors performing IFS Audits, Assessments, or Checks have the relevant education, audit experience, hygiene training, language, and specific and practical knowledge within the defined product scopes.  Part 3 of the IFS Standards explains the professional and educational criteria the applicants must meet to become a qualified IFS Auditor. IFS operates an auditor qualification platform to provide mandatory and voluntary training courses online. Training can also take place face-to-face. 

See the Auditor page for more information.

Useful IFS Tools for CBs and ASPs

IFS Database

You enter the required data of your clients, the IFS Reports, Certificate, Letter of Confirmation and other relevant documents into the IFS Database. It provides an overview of the audit history and informs automatically about the status of your customers. In the auditor portal, you or your auditors and assessors can upload their credentials. Find more details in the IFS Manuals in the CB Cloud. 

IFS Software

Generate your audit and assessment reports with the IFS Software. It helps provide all information needed and creates standardised reports according to the IFS Requirements. You can upload the final report directly into the IFS Database. Download the software from your IFS Database login area. 

Audit time calculator

This tool makes your audit time calculation transparent for you and your customers. You can enter the details in the form to determine the minimum time you need to allocate for the audit. The tool is included in the IFS software. You can also access it online here. 

CB Cloud

In the CB Cloud you find documents, manuals, training material and IFS Templates that are intended only for you as a CB or ASP. It is an exclusive service that helps you find and access these documents quickly and easily. The CB Management Department informs you about how to access the cloud.

Auditor Qualification Portal

Approved IFS Auditors and auditors preparing for their approval find a wide selection of E-Learnings in the Auditor Qualification Platform. It is a unique service that accommodates continuous qualification. To enter the portal, your auditor needs to register separately.

Regular E-Mail Updates

Receive the latest news about training courses, exam dates and locations, combined sessions, new technical or normative documents, and many other current issues directly into your email box. With IFS, you will stay updated and fully informed.

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