IFS Database

Every IFS audit shall be uploaded to the IFS Database by the certification body (uploading of report, action plan and certificate).

There are 3 user groups which have access to the IFS Database:

  • Certification bodies
  • Certified companies
  • Retailers and other users.

If you are a registered user of the IFS database you can login with your account details by clicking on the login sign at the top of this site.

The different groups' access rights are as follows:

Retailers and other users:

  • search for certified companies
  • manage their certified companies via a "favourites" option
  • get information via e-mail in case of a certificate suspension of their favourite companies.

Certification bodies:

  • manage their certified companies and upload audit reports, action plans and certificates
  • may suspend certificates in specific situations
  • can manage all IFS audit dates via the diary function, enabling retailers and companies to have a good overview of the scheduled audits. It is mandatory to upload in the diary function of the IFS Database all audits dates, at latest 2 weeks before the audit.
  • manage their accounts
  • have the possibility to compare two consecutive audit reports and action plans, for internal auditor training and calibration purposes
  • download the IFS logo(s).

Certified companies / suppliers:

  • have access to their own audit data
  • have the possibility to unlock retailers and other users for their achieved percentage, detailed audit report and action plan
  • have the possibility to compare two consecutive audit reports and action plans, for improvement purposes
  • download the IFS logo(s)
  • manage their certification bodies
  • manage company personnel access (create sub-accounts) to the audit data
  • search for other certified companies
  • manage their suppliers using a "favourites" option.

Access for the headquarters of certified companies

A "headquarter" access for certified companies can be set up which allows a company headquarter to administer all of their certified sites through a single access point.

The user manuals for the IFS Database are available on the respective secured area for each user group.

Security of the database

The security system used for the database is based on international recognised and mostly used security systems. The retailer and certified companies access provide general information about all certified companies.

If no further authorisation is granted by the certified companies both user groups will be able to see the following information only:

  • the company's name and address
  • the certification body's name and address
  • the auditor's name (including auditor scopes)
  • the scope of the audit
  • the date and duration of the audit
  • the level achieved at the audit
  • the IFS certificate's date of issue and its validity.

By using their secure log-in access‚ the certified companies themselves can give the authorisation for access to the following detailed information:

  • audit report and action plan.

The retailers and other users / certified companies automatically receive access to the unlocked data by the certified company after the data has been unlocked. Communication to retailers and other users is via a secure Web process which guarantees that only authorised retailers and other users / certified companies can view specific data of the certified companies / suppliers.

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