IFS Global Markets PACsecure


It leads them on a path towards IFS PACsecure certification, if desired, on which they can set the pace and milestones together with their customers. With IFS Global Markets PACsecure, companies can develop processes that enable them to meet both legal and customer requirements step by step. At the same time, they will learn to work more efficiently and economically and lay the foundation for further growth and scalability.


The Global Markets PACsecure program is built in steps:

  • The requirements for comprehensive product safety and quality management processes are gradually introduced.
  • The expected duration of each level is one year; however, the program allows flexibility in the timeframe if it is agreed with your business partner. Within three years, you should reach the implementation of the IFS PACsecure standard requirements.

The program consists of two different level checklists, which requirements should be fulfilled within an individually defined timeframe.



  • Product safety and quality management system
    • Corporate structure, records, contract agreement, specifications, formula/ configuration, purchasing, product wrapping, traceability, site inspections, monitoring devices, product and process analyses, product release, complaints, product recall/withdrawal, non-conformities and non-conforming products, corrective actions.
  • Good manufacturing practices (GMPs)
    • Personal hygiene, training, staff facilities, factory location/exterior, plant layout and process flows, production and storage premises, cleaning and disinfection, waste, foreign material risk mitigation, pest monitoring and control, receipt and storage of goods, transport, maintenance and repair, equipment.
  • Control of product hazards and risks
    • Basis of the hazard analysis and risk assessment system, hazard analysis and risk assessment team, hazard analysis and risk assessment (preliminary steps), allergen risk mitigation.



  • Product safety and quality management system
    • Policy, procedures, and internal audits. Further requirements related to the topics reviewed in Basic Level.
  • Good manufacturing practices (GMPs)
    • Further requirements related to the topics reviewed in Basic Level.
  • Control of product hazards and risks
    • Hazard analysis and risk assessment system, product fraud, product defence. Further requirements related to allergen risk mitigation.


Benefits of IFS Global Markets - PACsecure

Increase sales and trust in your company

  • Demonstrate your ability to produce safe products with the IFS Letter of Confirmation
  • Improve your reputation as a trusted business partner
  • Increase sales with new clients for your products
  • Provide authorities with documents during their inspections

Increase efficiency and reduce costs

  • Improve traceability systems to enable faster response to incidents and complaints
  • Improve production efficiency and product quality
  • Reduce costs related to recalls, complaints, and waste
  • Build your related human and financial resources gradually and affordably

Drive continuous improvement

  • Benefit from a differentiated overview of your performance
  • Determine the priority for improvements via the assessment results
  • Secure investment with the support of the assessment report
  • Tap into the expertise of the IFS Assessor for solution options


IFS Support businesses

  • The IFS Guidelines help with practical information about specific technical topics
  • The IFS Industry Training Courses provide skills and knowledge for implementing our standards. They are available at our official regional training centres (https://www.ifs-certification.com/index.php/en/partners/training-center)
  • Recognised IFS Consultants are experts giving advice and guidance regarding the implementation of the IFS Requirements or specific topics. Click here (https://www.ifs-certification.com/index.php/en/partners/consultants ) to find a consultant.
  • The free IFS Software auditXpressX supports the internal audits of companies.
  • The IFS Database provides news from IFS and visibility to potential new customers.


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