IFS Broker version 3 - Public Consultation


We are delighted to inform you that we have finalized the Draft for the IFS Broker version 3. Thanks to the great support from the IFS Broker Expert Group, the IFS National Working Groups and the ITC and your amazing feedback in the survey, we have developed the IFS Broker version 3.


But first: What is IFS and the IFS Broker Standard?

IFS Management GmbH, or IFS for short, was founded in 2002 based on the request of trading companies that were all facing similar challenges: as the retailers bear the legal responsibility for trade brands, it is vital to know that the products comply with both the legal requirements and the requirements specified by the retailer. Even though the supply chain were becoming more international and complex. To ensure this a lot of individual product safety and quality audits were performed to guarantee the safety and quality of trade brands and private labels. This generated high costs and required extensive amounts of time for planning and executing audits. However, also for the manufacturing industry the number of various audits with partially similar audit contents was a high financial and resource burden. Aiming at lowering the burdens of all participants the first IFS Standard, the IFS Food was published and recognized by the GFSI in 2003. Since then the IFS network experienced a continuous growth. In the meantime, Working Groups in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Chile and China as well as international Working Groups are actively supporting IFS in the developing of the different IFS Standards.

In times of globalization, sourcing of products is done globally in different ways. More and more brokers, trading agencies and importers are becoming an important way of bringing producers and retailers together.
In order to prevent brokers, trading agencies and importers from being overwhelmed by different requirements, IFS has developed the third IFS Standard: the IFS Broker version 1 in 2009.

The main objective of the IFS Broker Standard is to ensure broker services compliance and to check how brokers, trading agencies and importers select their suppliers/products, what quality/product safety requirements they have implemented and if they are able to fulfill current legal requirements.

How was the reviewing process?

After 5 years of implementation of version 2, experiences have been made and recommendations for the review have been made from the market. So in 2018 IFS made the decision to review version 2. With the help of inputs received by all stakeholders, the following objectives have been defined and considered in the revision of the current IFS Broker Standard:
• Adapting the requirements based on the online survey results
• Including requirements for food fraud mitigation ,
• Aligning the audit protocol with the other IFS Standards,
• Updating the Standard in accordance with new version of GFSI Guidance Document, including an unannounced audit option.

The next step in the review process is the public consultation.

The draft for IFS Broker version 3 can be downloaded here.


Why a public consultation?

IFS is always interested in gaining different points of view along the whole supply chain and to consider any possible feedback for the IFS Standards. A public consultation is an important step in the development process, to ensure the most possible transparency and objectivity. With your feedback and your objectively view we will be able to offer the best version of our IFS Broker Standard.
If you are interested in taking part in the consultation period please find the feedback form here: https://www.surveymonkey.de/r/GX8WS8Q


Please consider that the final date to give feedback is on May 3rd.

We appreciate your comments!
Thank you very much,
Your IFS Team

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