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On 1st May 2017, a new Annex 4, Version 3 of the framework agreement came into force and since that date certification bodies, and also auditors directly, can get negative points in case of assessed breaches (e.g. an amount of more than 30 negative points for a certification body will lead to a 3 months suspension). Investigations within the IFS Integrity Program in connection with decisions of the sanction committee resulted in more than 30 negative points for the certification body DQS CFS GmbH - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltigkeit, leading to a 3 months suspension. This suspension will start on 01st November 2022.
The certification body office audit at DQS CFS GmbH to re-approve the certification body and lift the suspension has not been concluded with a positive result. Therefore, it has been decided to extend the suspension by a maximum of 6 weeks to allow the certification body sufficient time to implement further improvement actions. Within the 6 weeks a new certification body office audit will be conducted, depending on the result further actions will be decided.

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