IFS Global Markets – Logistics

About the program

With the focus on small and – in regards to product safety – less developed logistics service providers the IFS Global Markets – Logistics is a tool offering

  • An assessment protocol
  • Checklists with the possibility to gradually develop a full product safety management system
  • Guidelines for assessors and quality managers
  • Training for manufacturers and potential assessors
  • The possibility of training and mentoring during the program
  • A software for an easy reporting available for assessors and manufacturers in several languages
  • and much more!

Program Contents

Introduction to IFS Global Markets - Logistics
How to prepare for the assessment
A virtual assessment including:

  • How the assessment is carried out
  • The requirements of the program
  • Practical advice for the implementation
  • Interactive group work and discussions

IFS hazard analysis and risk assessment
Target group specific exercises
Outlook on an IFS Logistics certification
The IFS database and software auditXpress®


You are familiar with the requirements of the program
You know how to apply the IFS Global Markets – Logistics in your company
You know how a company is assessed against the Global Markets – Logistics program
You are prepared for your IFS Global Markets - Logistics Assessment
You are familiar with the structure of IFS
You get the chance to ask your specific questions about the IFS and about the program

Applied methods

Presentations, group works, interactive discussions, exchange of experience

Target group

Quality and safety managers in small and / or less developed logistic businesses, future assessors and other interested parties


Please note that the price is set by the different training providers.



Don't hesitate to contact us for further information: academy@ifs-certification.com

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