New decisions for IFS Food 6 standard

Following the last IFS International Technical Committee meeting, composed with different experts from retailers, manufacturers, food services and certification bodies, IFS has made 2 new decisions, which came into force the 1st July 2013.

  • Postponing of issuing Major NC’s on food defense chapter to 1st July 2014

As food defense requirements are not yet fully implemented by food processing companies, it has been decided to extend to one more year, to 1st July 2014, the decision not to score any Major non-conformities on the food defense chapter (chapter 6 of IFS Food 6 audit checklist). This additional year should allow companies to implement properly the food defense requirements.


  • Cancellation of the possibility to include trade products in the scope of an IFS Food audit

As the management of trade products in the scope of IFS Food is complex and since the combination of pre-requisites for including them in the audit scope is demanding, it has been decided to exclude completely trade products from the scope of an IFS Food audit. Trade products, which are manufactured, packed and labeled by and under a different company name than the company being IFS Food certified, shall be excluded from the scope of the IFS Food audit.
Therefore, for all audits which are performed after the 1st July 2013:

  • trade products shall not be included in the audit scope any more: no specific mention on the certificate is necessary, as trade products can no longer be included in the audit scope,
  • the full chapter 4.4.2 of the IFS Food audit checklist shall be scored with NA,
  • it shall be specified in the company profile of the audit report if the company also manages trade products, but those will not be included in the IFS Food certification.
  • If a food processing company would like to certify trade products, a combined audit IFS Broker/ IFS Food shall be performed.


The two above decisions apply from  1st July 2013. Updated IFS “normative” documents will be updated in October, including these two new decisions.

Certification bodies have already been informed about these 2 new decisions and apply them accordingly since 1st July.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further information.


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