IFS HPC Auditor Training


Course 1st day 2nd day Location Language
HPC awareness 04.05.2022 05.05.2022 online English
HPC Scope 1 24.05.2022 25.05.2022 online English
HPC Scope 2 08.06.2022 09.06.2022 online English
HPC Scope 3 19.05.2022   online English
HPC Scope 4 20.05.2022   online English


Please note that due to the current developments in the Covid-19 pandemic, the following courses may take place online. IFS will inform you in due time in case they can be held on site.


IFS HPC Calibration Training

The IFS HPC calibration training is a mandatory course addressed to approved HPC auditors to maintain their qualification on the scheme for two years more. The course calibrates good auditing practices according to IFS and focus as well on risk assessment and other relevant topics for this standard.



Please contact [email protected] to receive the registration key. Registration deadline is 4 weeks prior to the training.


IFS HPC awareness/reviewer course


IFS HPC Scope Courses 

** Please notice that already IFS PACSecure auditors and IFS Food auditors with demonstrated experience in FCMs might take part at the training for scope 3: daily use products.


course specific

Price per participant

IFS offers different packages for the courses. Information on request.


The qualification process for new auditors who wish to become an IFS HPC auditor is more open now. There are 3 possibilities of assessment:

  • evaluation of common pre-requisites (like in version 1),
  • conversion of auditors from other schemes,
  • the IFS HPC auditor in progress.

Please send your auditor’s registration to [email protected] and [email protected] . Registration deadline is 4 weeks prior to the training.


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