Terms and Conditions for using the IFS Logo

Ownership and usage of the IFS Food Logo

The copyright of IFS Food and the registered trademark is fully owned by the IFS Management GmbH. The IFS Food Logo can be downloaded via the secured section of the IFS Database.
Furthermore, the below terms and conditions shall be checked by the auditor during the audit and results of this check shall be described in the company profile of the audit report as a mandatory field (see also Annex 2, Part 2, for mandatory fields).


These terms and conditions apply for both IFS Food and all IFS logos in general.

Form, Design and Colour of the IFS Logo

When used, the IFS Food logo must comply with the form and colour of the scale drawing. If it is used in documents, black and white print is also permitted. The IFS Food logo can be used in print, physical and electronic form, and in films, providing the forms and formats are respected. The same conditions apply to the use of the logo as a stamp.

Restriction of comment and interpretations

When an IFS Food certified company, an IFS Food supporting company or an IFS Food certification body publishes documents bearing the IFS logo, comment and interpretations referring to the IFS shall be clearly identifiable as such.

Use of the IFS Logo in promotion material

An IFS Food certified company, an IFS Food supporting company (broker, food, manufacturer, retailer, logistics provider or wholesaler) which accepts IFS certificates from their suppliers or services providers, or an IFS certification body may use the IFS logo for promotional reasons and publish information about IFS certification provided that it is not visible on final product packaging which are available to the end-consumer. Companies which provide products and/or services to IFS certified or supporting companies, but which are not themselves IFS certified (e.g. manufacturers of devices, clothing, cleaning materials or service providers which would like to promote that their products and/or services help to fulfil the IFS requirements) must ask for express written permission to IFS Management GmbH to use the IFS Food and/or any other IFS logo(s). The IFS Food logo and information about the certification may be used in correspondence with relevant IFS users. Presentations mentioning IFS on the internet are only permitted if they are in a direct link with product safety (e.g. within information about the safety/quality management system).
The IFS Food logo may be displayed on any kind of general communication (e.g. exhibitions for business contacts, brochures, generic articles about food safety and quality management in general, vehicles). The IFS Food Standard was developed by the manufacturers, retailers and food service companies in order to assure the food safety and quality of their suppliers.
It must be ensured that all information concerning certifications refers clearly to IFS.The IFS logo may not be used in presentations having no clear connection to IFS.

Further restriction on the use of the IFS Food logo

The IFS Food logo shall not be used in a way that could show intent that the IFS owner is responsible for the certification decision. Furthermore, the same applies for opinions and interpretations which could be deriven from it. In the event of suspension or withdrawal of the IFS Food certification, the certified company has to immediately stop the inclusion of the IFS logo on its documents or other associated material and cease all communications regarding IFS. The audited company must demonstrate that they have complied with these requirements.

Communication of the IFS Food certification

All the above mentioned rules apply to any communication regarding IFS Food.This also means that using the wordmarks “IFS”, “International Featured Standards”, or “IFS Food” or similar is not allowed when communicating on finished products, which are available to the end-consumer.

Berlin, Januar 2012,
IFS Management GmbH, Stephan Tromp,
General Manager



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