IFS Tools

To make working with the IFS as pleasant as possible, the IFS has various technological resources on offer. These tools should save you time, and with that, money, and make everyday dealings with the IFS easier for you.

The IFS has developed an overall concept for you, made up of various elements.

IFS WordCloud

The IFS WordCloud is designed to support quality assurance managers in identifying possible risks in their supply chains. The machine learning-based tool collects and sorts food safety alerts from the FDA, EU-RASFF and FSA and visualizes them in a word cloud. This way the user can see at a glance which products or hazards are currently trending. The more frequently a certain ingredient or hazard is mentioned in warnings, the darker the color appears of the corresponding words in the word cloud.

IFS Trend Risk Monitor

The IFS Trend Risk Monitor is a digital dashboard that offers registered IFS users of the IFS Database, especially quality managers in both industry and retail as well as IFS recognized consultants, a comprehensive overview of relevant data, so they are able to manage supply chain risks more effectively.


The GMP Check is a voluntary one day, unannounced check by an IFS Auditor on-site and is a supportive and time effective tool for verifying good manufacturing practices on-site once Covid-19 related restrictions are lifted whilst pressure on auditor capacities rises. A successfully performed GMP Check will not only show compliance with hygiene and food/product safety requirements to retailers and wholesalers, but reinforces trust in business relationships during these extraordinary times. This tool is a stand-alone solution, not accredited and has been developed for the Covid-19 crisis.

IFS Remote Surveillance Check

IFS has launched the Guideline for the new IFS Remote Surveillance Check to see how companies control current risks within their supporting management processes. This is optional and can be used to provide trust into the supply chain and to support risk management processes of business partners. The IFS Remote Surveillance Check is a stand-alone solution which has been developed for the Covid-19 crisis situation. It is voluntary, not accredited and its result cannot be taken into account for present and/or future IFS Certification audits and IFS Global Markets assessments.

IFS audit software auditXpress

The IFS audit software auditXpress helps both auditors and certification bodies to prepare a standardised audit report through intuitive and user-friendly software. With the aid of the software, reports can not only be compiled, but also directly loaded into the database – organised, comprehensive and standardised. Due to Excel compatibility, corrective action plans that the company has completed can be directly imported and uploaded. So that IFS certified companies, or those that would like to be, can also profit from the software, the IFS is offering a special version of the software for internal audits. With it, quality assurance managers will be able to structure their internal audits and compare their own audits with previous certification audits.

IFS App-IFS Audit Manager

With the IFS App-IFS Audit Manager, the IFS provides an opportunity to assist internal auditors during their audit. The up-to-date checklists and diverse support features on mobile devices simplify the audit and reduce time spent typing out notes. Photos and evaluations can be left directly along with individual requirements. Connectivity to the audit software auditXpressX in the PRO-Version of the app allows reports to be prepared directly in-house and generated on a computer. The App also provides you with action plans and a planner tool for your audits. Don’t miss out on any more relevant information with the latest IFS application. Find out straight away what’s important, first hand.

IFS Database

The IFS Database is an essential tool for all IFS users and is made available for free. In the Database, retailers, as well as certified companies, can manage their suppliers or search for new ones. So that the IFS Database can be integrated easily into your daily operations, care was taken to ensure that the features are self-explanatory.

IFS Audit Time Calculator

The IFS Food 6 prescribes rules for the duration of an IFS audit. So that this time is not exceeded and can be invoiced transparently for certified companies and certification authorities, the IFS provides a free tool for calculating the minimum time an audit will last, the IFS Audit Time Calculator. The tool can be used both on- and offline and should make planning easier for all users.

IFS Unannounced Audit Calculator

Companies which are using the option “unannounced audits” (IFS Food, IFS Logistics and IFS PACsecure) have to be registered for this option in a certain time frame defined in the Standards. Therefore IFS offers a tool to calculate the deadlines correctly. The tool for all Standards should make planning for unannounced audits easier for all users.

IFS Pathway

IFS Pathway is a brand-new IFS Tool designed to support IFS Global Markets assessed companies as they progress to the next level. The Pathway helps them gain the necessary knowledge and skills to enhance their product safety and quality management to achieve full IFS Certification.

So that the tools are as easy as possible for you to handle, the IFS is offering this in the 5 major languages in the IFS: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Beyond that, the IFS is very eager to expand this range of services further.

Still have suggestions ideas or suggestions on how to improve our tools? Contact us at info@ifs-certification.com and help us to continue optimising our range for you in the future.



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