IFS WordCloud

As part of the IFS Database, this tool can assist IFS certified companies and IFS recognized consultants in their daily risk monitoring activities.

Exclusively developed for registered IFS users, the IFS WordCloud supports quality assurance managers in identifying possible risks in their supply chains. It is a machine learning-based tool that collects food safety alerts from the FDA, EU-RASFF and FSA. It sorts the alerts by ingredient or hazard and visualizes them in a word cloud. This way the user can see at a glance which products or hazards are currently trending in the portals of the three food safety institutions mentioned. The more frequently a certain ingredient or hazard is mentioned in warnings, the darker the color appears of the corresponding words in the word cloud. To give an example: should there be an issue with sesame seeds, these words would appear darker in the word cloud. By clicking on the words in the cloud, a list of related alerts becomes visible with direct access to the source of information.

Together with the information from external sources, users can still see updates from IFS as well as data from the suppliers the user is following. This combination is a unique feature that puts IFS ahead of other certification schemes.


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