A short remark from IFS Managing Director, Stephan Tromp

"Climate change concerns all of us. Sustainability is here to stay. Therefore, I am proud to present the IFS ESG Check – a tool that helps small and medium-sized companies to find their path on the rocky road to a greener future. The IFS ESG Check helps to record involvement in environmental, social, and governance issues in small and mid-sized companies, thus guiding businesses into the next phase of their growth. The IFS ESG Check creates the foundation on which businesses can align their sustainability management, identify risks, and plan their further engagement."


Why an IFS ESG Check is a good start for more corporate sustainability?

The IFS ESG Check is especially helpful for companies who find the many dimensions of sustainability rather confusing since environmental and climate protection, social issues, and corporate governance need to be taken into consideration.

Small- and medium-sized enterprises in particular face a huge challenge to understand the various regulations and implement measures in a target-oriented manner. They are often sailing the high seas without a compass. The IFS ESG Check helps you find orientation, evaluate your status quo, identify risks, and plan your further engagement.

How does it work?

The basic module of the IFS ESG Check focuses on recording a company's sustainability management system. As an optional additional module, the IFS ESG Check allows companies to evaluate their carbon footprint management system and determine their footprint. For this purpose, IFS cooperates with natureOffice, a consulting and IT development company for sustainability solutions. They developed the ecozoom calculation tool tailored to the food industry. It enables companies to independently create comparable, GHG Protocol-compliant, transparent and verifiable product or company carbon footprints.

Companies determine their current situation and status quo by completing a self-assessment form. In the next step, an auditor verifies the answers given. This unique combination ensures that the data are robust and trustworthy and can be used to plan the following steps, take measures to improve sustainability management, and identify additional potential.


What are the advantages of the IFS ESG Check?

  • Simple assessment and easy-to-use tool to check a company's maturity level regarding sustainability.

  • Getting ready for the evolving legal landscape concerning Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles.

  • It is a sound basis for entry into more comprehensive sustainability assessment systems.

  • Having information and documentation ready when your customers or governmental organisations ask for it

  • Renowned retail companies recognise the ESG Check as a tool to document sustainability management systems


The early bird catches the worm – Book your free IFS ESG Check training now

IFS has developed an exclusive IFS ESG Check industry training with our dedicated training partner, ImpactBuying BV. It is linked to the content and background of the IFS ESG Check self-assessment form, including the Carbon Footprint module and will help you gain valuable insights on what steps to take to grow in the ESG journey.

The training is free for 1000 participants from IFS certified or IFS Global Markets assessed companies. It includes a preparation package and will take 2.5 hours. From September 2022, courses in different languages will become available. Late registrants, non-IFS certified, or global markets assessed businesses would pay a moderate fee.

Interested? Register here: https://impactbuying.com/ifs-esg-check-training



ImpactBuying BV

To provide the IFS ESG Check training for auditors, internal auditors, and companies we have partnered with ImpactBuying, a company that turns supply chain challenges into business opportunities with a positive impact on people and the planet. They are passionate about driving sustainability by creating transparency and are well-known internationally for their expertise in unravelling complex supply chains with the support of their own data technologies combined with valuable insights from industry experts. The company also offers consultancy services and training to various supply chain actors based on their extensive knowledge and data. The ImpactBuying Academy delivers a wide range of sustainability training programs building a solid foundation for the IFS ESG Check training courses.



Determining the company carbon footprint is compulsory in the Carbon Footprint module. To offer companies a tool for that, IFS cooperates with natureOffice, a consulting and IT development company for sustainability solutions. They have developed the ecozoom calculation tool. Tailored to the food industry, it enables companies to independently create comparable, GHG Protocol-compliant, transparent, and verifiable company and product carbon footprints. The ecozoom database provides emission values for over 30,000 raw and auxiliary materials and is the basis for the standardised calculation. Specific interfaces for auditors and traders enable the collection, validation and exchange of data and results in one tool.







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