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The IFS Global Markets Logistics program’s objective is to facilitate market access locally, create mutual acceptance along the supply chain and provide a framework for mentoring, developing and assessing small and less developed logistics service provider. These companies might encounter difficulties in implementing efficient product safety and quality processes, due to their size, lack of technical expertise or economic resources. The program includes a protocol to drive incrementally the continuous improvement process in logistics safety management systems. It offers a flexible application of the stepwise approach in sense of time, starting level and final level to achieve. Moreover, the IFS Global Markets- Logistics offers a good opportunity to make first steps towards a full IFS Logistics certification.



The IFS Global Markets-Logistics program is addressed to logistics service providers and is applicable for storage and transport activities of food and non-food products. It includes different checklists as well as an assessment protocol to implement on the basis of continuous improvement a comprehensive and working product safety and quality system.
After going through the IFS Global Markets path, an IFS Logistics certification is a possible and realistic further option.
In total the program consists out of two level with different checklists, of which’s requirements shall be implemented within a defined period.

1. Basic level requirements

  • quality and product safety management
  • resource management
  • realisation of the service
  • management responsibility
  • measurements, analyses & improvements

2. Intermediate level requirements

  • further requirements in regard to            

- quality and product safety management
- resource management
- realisation of the service
- measurements, analyses and improvements

  • product defense

3. IFS Logistics certification



  • Access to national or even international markets
  • Creation of mutual acceptance along the supply chain
  • Support of small and less developed companies with the following aspects:
    o Mentoring
    o Development
    o Evaluation



The IFS Global Markets – Logistics program combines the Global Markets checklists with the advantages of

  • An IFS assessment protocol for “small and less developed companies“
  • A systematic, risk based approach to achieve the IFS Standard over a defined period of time
  • The work with qualified certification bodies/assessment service provider and assessors
  • A uniform consistent and differentiated evaluation system
  • Approach for continuous improvement process within the IFS scoring system
  • Cost and time reduction for all involved parties
  • A structured and consistent reporting
  • The IFS database, for an easy management of partners and suppliers 
  • Comparability and transparency throughout the entire supply chain
  • Recognition by retailers worldwide
  • Visibility in the IFS database
  • Measurable improvement of processes


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