IFS Global Markets Food


The IFS Global Markets Food supports suppliers of food products in developing their food safety and quality processes and in making steps towards implementing the IFS Food Standard.



The program includes different level checklists and an assessment protocol to drive gradually, the continuous improvement process and the implementation of a full food safety and quality management.

The program consists out of two different level checklists, which requirements should be fulfilled within a defined timeframe.




  • Facilitate local market access
  • Create mutual acceptance along the supply chain, and
  • Provide a framework to assist companies with
    • Mentoring
    • Development
    • Assessment



The IFS Global Markets Food program combines the Global Markets checklists with the advantages of

  • An IFS assessment protocol for companies
  • A systematic approach to achieve the IFS Food Standard within a certain period
  • Basic qualification requirements for Certification Bodies/Assessment of service providers and assessors
  • A uniform consistent evaluation system
  • An approach for a continuous improvement process within the IFS scoring system
  • Comparability and transparency throughout the entire supply chain
  • Reduction of costs and time for both suppliers and retailers
  • A structured and consistent reporting system
  • The IFS software “auditXpressTM” for an easy and consistent assessment reporting
  • The IFS Database to simplify the follow-up of suppliers and partners



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