Ihr IFS-Begleiter / Your IFS manual

Tools and action guidelines for your IFS success. The document is only available in German.

Ihr IFS-Begleiter / Your IFS manual (only available in German)

The ideal assistance for the effective implementation of the IFS system
'Ihr IFS-Begleiter' supports a focused and reliable implementation of the IFS requirements. Moreover you receive practical recommendations for action as well as expert advice and document templates for targeted advancement of your IFS system.

  • For beginners: reliable IFS implementation
  • For professionals: efficient IFS development
  • For all: more success in implementing the IFS requirements

The table of contents is available on the BEHR's website.
The shipping is handled by BEHR's Verlag (free of charge within Germany).

IFS-Begleiter without BEHR’s NewsService:
399.50 € *
IFS-Begleiter with BEHR’s NewsService (fee-based) and online access:
249.50 € **

* Price plus 7% VAT
** Price plus 7% VAT and 19% VAT (charged each on one half of the net price)

BEHR’s NewsService:
Updated files allow to keep the manual up-to-date. You will be informed in case of important changes. This service is charged separately (approx. 129.00 € plus VAT for each update) that can be cancelled after a minimum 2 updates. During the subscription the complete work including search functions is accessible online on www.behrs-online.de.

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  • 16 December 2020
    Updated IFS HPC Doctrine available now

    We are glad to inform you that the IFS Doctrine for our HPC standard is now available on the IFS website. As a...

  • 16 December 2020
    IFS COVID-19 Approach

    The IFS approach and measures regarding COVID-19

  • 10 December 2020
    IFS Food Doctrine v7 available now

    Following the publication of the IFS Food Standard version 7, we are glad to inform you that the IFS Doctrine for version 7...

  • 06 October 2020
    IFS Food v7 now published

    IFS – International Featured Standards is pleased to announce the publication of the new IFS Food version 7. IFS Food is a worldwide...


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