The demand for product and process quality can no longer be ignored. A verified standard is vital in a global market with an international flow of goods. Below are some first-hand reports from IFS users on how the implementation of the standard has affected their company. 

Zentis GmbH & Co. KG

… It was possible to quickly integrate IFS into the existing QM system, and it was adopted by all of the Zentis sites … Since its first IFS certification, Zentis has always achived “Higher Level” results‘, which underscores the high level of quality at our company while solidifying what are oftentimes longstanding customer relationships … The Ongoing development of the integrative QM system in line with the IFS Standards has also had a positive impact on our company‘s efficiency …

Viola Obladen, IFS Officer Zentis GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

VION Food Deutschland GmbH

… Sooner or later, improving customer relations always lead to improved business efficiency … With its special focus on specific topics in product safety, the IFS represents an important foundation that largely coincides with our own priorities for risk management …

Dr. Gereon Schulze-Althoff, Group Quality Manager VION Food Deutschland GmbH

Ritter GmbH & Co.KG

… IFS was something called for by retailers … All of the processes are mapped in a processes-based EDP system …

Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Berentzen Gruppe AG

… In our view, the IFS standard has now established itself internationally as a very respectable standard, which is why we also use it to attract new customers throughout Europe and beyond, for instance in Israel and the US … Also relevant in this connection is the need to create cost efficiencies for an in-house QM system, and hence cost efficiencies in error prevention. This need is supported by the IFS Standard, with its networked, integrative approach. This is why it has established itself as the in-house standard within the Berentzen-Gruppe AG for operational quality management …

Martin Wingbermühlen, Director Quality Management / Research & Development Berentzen-Gruppe AG, Germany


...The audit identified a significant upgrade and improvement in food-safety processes, in our case particularly the prevention concept HACCP and food hygiene …

Carlsberg Group Germany

tegut... Gutberlet Stiftung & Co

If IFS is used as a management tool, it creates efficiency and safety.

Andreas Swoboda, Manager for Quality and Environment tegut... Gutberlet Stiftung & Co., Germany

Stollwerck GmbH

… Consistent implementation of requirements … enhances product safety and thus promotes consumer protection. Complaints can be reduced and recall campaigns prevented. The IFS certificate generates customer trust; today, it is an absolute prerequisite for the sale of private-label products …

Ulrike Völzke, Quality Assurance Director Stollwerck GmbH, Germany

Pearlwater Mineralquellen AG

... IFS greatly helped our image … Without IFS, we would have been unable to sample in Egypt and Mexico … Properly interpreted and applied, IFS means increased efficiency for a business operation …

Armin Rieder, Managing Director Pearlwater Mineralquellen AG, Switzerland

Morgante S.p.A

When did your company start to use IFS? Morgante plant in Romans d'Isonzo was certified for it in 2005, while the site of San Daniele in 2008.

What was your motivation to introduce IFS in your company?
The motivation that pushed us toward this certification was the commercial demand.

What did you determine about optimising the process chain of your business? The company has turned its attention more on hygiene - health and safety of products, through the use of trained personnel, careful selection of suppliers and a very active maintenance.

How did you improve customer relations / gain new customers?
The IFS certificate improved our reliability as a supplier and a highly capable partner

Did you reduce customer complaints / product recalls?
Complaints concerned with the appearance of product safety have been reduced and no recalls of the product were received. Also a more timely and proper management was an effect.

How would you benchmark the economic efficiency of IFS?
L 'economic efficiency is measured through the reduction of non-compliance, including those recorded by the veterinary service and complaints / returns

How could you improve your competitiveness?
Competitiveness against other producers has improved due to our customers‘ higher trust in us. Because of IFS certificates indeed, especially big retailers and industries that purchase our products for finished, switched to as their favorite suppliers.

Do you have further suggestions or recommendations for improving IFS? It would be desirable to obtain a value recognition for this certification also from the official organs of control.

Morgante S.p.A. has its manufacturing facilities in Romans d'Isonzo (GO) since 1957 and in San Daniele del Friuli (UD) since 1986. However, the ancestor Olvino Morgante founded a first slaughter and butchery company in the '20s in Tarcento (UD). The lack of room to grow and the inability to work across industry, forced the young Caesar and Giuseppe Morgante to move to the area of Gorizia. By the sixties there was the expansion itself: the company gave away the slaughter and devoted itself entirely to the manufactoring of sausages end salami. At that time Morgante was among the first producers of skinless frankfurters, cooked ham, cooked and shoulder salami seasoned. This leadership was maintained and consolidated until the early eighties. Increased competition has arisen in later years and the run downward pricing driven by the emergence of large retailers, led the top management, supported now by the third generation, to diversify its production into the field of raw sausages. In 1986 the Prosciuttificio Morgante SpA was opened in San Daniele for the production of cured ham. Both factories are still owned and run nowadays by the Morgante family.


… The implementation of IFS requirements has really helped us, along with everything already implemented within the management system of the company, to control the risks of producing marinated and smoked fishes under a retail brand. … IFS certification has brought a lot of satisfaction to all employees, and a lot of progress has been made under the “pressure” of KO requirements and in order to avoid major non-conformities …

Lieken Brot- und Backwaren GmbH

… The processes became more transparent and considerably safer … the IFS system provides very effective support for complaints processing … Certainly the (financial) effect is entirely a positive one …

Lieken Brot- und Backwaren GmbH, Germany

Gustoland GmbH

… To date, IFS has emerged as an established quality standard in the food industry … Thanks to constant optimization, it promotes a high level of customer satisfaction and a falling error rate. Naturally, this also has a positive effect on the efficiency of our business operations …

Gustav Kronsbein, Managing Director Gustoland GmbH, Germany

Dawn Food Products, Inc.

We are working towards IFS certification in all of our US plants. We chose the IFS standard because it is comprehensive, straightforward and flexible. It allows us to achieve certification to a recognized standard within the framework of our existing quality and food safety systems at a pace that is sustainable and achievable.

Dawn Food Products, Inc., USA

Confiserie Imping GmbH

… With the help of IFS, we were able to solidify our quality standard, heighten awareness at the incoming goods control, motivate our employees and minimize the sources of error. Still, IFS meant a very major expense for an operation of our size …

Walter Imping, Managing Director Confiserie Imping GmbH, Germany




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