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We have developed this section of the website especially for you as a retailer.

The IFS Standards (International Features Standards) comprise a total of seven quality standards applicable to food and non-food products. Although IFS Food has become our best known standard in assessments of the food processing industry, the Retail industry remains the reason why IFS standards were first developed. Retailers build their name and reputation on the quality of the products they sell. If a product fails to meet the expectations of the consumer, the retailer is the first one to be held accountable. After all, the retailer is the customer's first contact point and therefore the face of the product. This applies in particular to retailers' own brands. And this is where IFS comes in.

Through the clear definition of requirements, IFS will support you in the management of suppliers and their quality assurance practices. More than 700 retailers are already using IFS to safeguard industrial and private-labelled brands. To find out more, please take a look at the detailed descriptions of the individual standards on our website. Alternatively, you can contact us directly. Your suggestions, questions and critical feedback are greatly appreciated.

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