IFS Food v7 now published

“I am proud of this new version of the IFS Food Standard. We have made it more concise, efficient and simpler to work with. I thank our stakeholders, national working groups, International Technical Committee and the IFS Board for their valuable input and contributions”, says Stephan Tromp, Managing Director of IFS.

The new version of this standard gives more clarity about what we expect from auditors when they perform an IFS Assessment. The requirements now have a more prescriptive nature, and the new structure makes it easier to work with the standard. We have put more emphasis on the on-site evaluation and less on documentation. The assessment checklist has been aligned with the GFSI Benchmarking Requirements version 2020.1, FSMA, and EU regulations.

IFS Food version 7 assessments can be performed from 1st March 2021. The implementation will become mandatory for all certified companies as of 1st July 2021. Click here to learn more


IFS Food version 7 at a glance

  • Increased focus on the on-site assessment, less on documentation
  • New wording: the audit becomes an assessment, to highlight the product and process approach of IFS in keeping with ISO/IEC 17065
  • 15% less requirements
  • Improved structure of the certification protocol tailored to the IFS stakeholders’ needs
  • Better defined scoring system
  • Clearly structured assessment report with standardised sections
  • Every third IFS certification assessment will be unannounced
  • Food Safety Culture has been incorporated into the requirements
  • The new definitions on outsourcing clarifies different management modalities
  • A valid GLN (Global Location Number) becomes mandatory for suppliers in the European Economic Area (EEA) and United Kingdom : click here for more information
  • Additional tools to support quality managers, e.g. new e-learning courses, updated IFS auditXpressX Software and IFS Audit Manager App for internal auditing


About IFS

With the professional expertise of retailers, manufacturers, certification bodies and other experts worldwide, IFS develops globally recognised product quality and safety standards as well as development programs. Many retailers and brand owners worldwide prefer IFS Certification. An IFS Certificate shows them that the certified company has established resilient processes to ensure food and product safety are in line with legal requirements and customer specifications.

To complement this, IFS offers supportive tools and guidance documents to support the work of quality managers. The common goal of IFS is to strive for the best product quality and safety process management systems so that consumers can trust the products they buy.



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