IFS Broker Remote option available

As brokers typically manage product safety and quality without taking physical possession or ownership, an audit does not necessarily require on-site evaluations. Travel and meeting restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic created an increased demand for remote audits. The option for performing audits online has also been recently included in the GFSI Benchmarking Requirements version 2020.1.

From September 2020, IFS Broker audits can be performed remotely. The option is voluntary, and must be mutually agreed upon between the audited organisation and the certification body. As part of the decision, both parties should assess if the auditor and the site have access and the capability to effectively use Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

Only broker auditors who have successfully completed a special IFS online training can perform IFS Broker remote audits. This way, IFS ensures that the quality of a remote audit and an on-site audit is the same.

The cover page of the audit report shall clearly state that the audit was conducted remotely. Furthermore, it should be indicated under "audit details" what kind of remote ICT has been used.


How it works

  • Get in touch with your certification body
  • Check if their auditors have completed the IFS online training for performing IFS Broker remote audits
  • Check if your certification body has conducted a risk assessment regarding ICT access, compatibility, and feasibility of the audit
  • Agree on either the remote or the on-site option with your certification body


Click here to access all current documents regarding IFS Broker.



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